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Hey fellow bloggers!

I have been having a bit of a tidy up here at Read, Write, Blog and hopefully the system will work better.

Instead of having a  review page that requires updating and frequent moving around, I now will write my reviews straight onto the main blog page; I have a Goodreads widget located on the left hand side bar that will take you to my other reviews if you spy something there that looks interesting.

A general note regarding reviews.

I read almost anything with a good blurb on the back but I will mostly be found reading

  • Horror (I can pretend to be brave)
  • Paranormal/Supernatural/Weirdy Beardy
  • Fantasy
  • YA

I will pledge to read and review as often as possible; though this will will vary according to time... I am a busy momma with two energetic boys under 3...


At the moment I am using a basic '*'rating. The rating is as follows:

*****  ~ Something special, couldn't have been any better, loved it! (Read it... Go on... )
**** ~ Enjoyed overall, kept me very interested, would recommend to others
*** ~ Generally a good peice of work, worth looking into, give it a go!
** ~ Found difficult to absorb/ got left a lot but still needed to finish
* ~ Couldn't be ... ... ...

If any fellow book bloggers has any advice/comments on making this a better booky-type blog please do get in contact/leave a comment.



  1. Dear Schez,

    I'm writing to respectfully request a book review for my Horror novella, Yorick. My novella is a creepy story about a lonely old woman and her new find that ranges from pathos to terror, and I hope that you'll give me the opportunity to entertain you.

    I will be happy to provide you with a paperback or a digital copy if you are interested in moving forward, and if you'd like, you can sample the first few chapters for free at www.TheVlad.net in PDF form.

    Thank you for your time. I hope to hear from you.

    Synopsis: Poor Roberta. She's aging, has lost everyone she's ever loved, and now she lives out her sad, lonely days feeding on bad convenience store food and faded memories of happier times. She wants nothing more than to join her loved ones in the afterlife, but then a gruesome discovery along the banks of the Merrimack River changes everything. Roberta knows she'll never be alone again.

    Title: YORICK

    Author: Vlad Vaslyn

    Genre: Horror

    Available: Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble

    ISBN: 9781480087941

    Publication Date: October 26, 2012

    Length: 90 pages; Approx. 20,000 words.

    Review Copy: I will be happy to provide a review copy in print or digital formats.

    Review Blurb: "A well-crafted tale of the macabre... Fans of the work of Stephen King will love this eerie little book, and will never look at a muddy riverbank the same way again." ~ Dale T. Phillips, author of Halls of Horror and Wendigo.

    Sample Chapters 1-2: http://www.thevlad.net/sneakpreviews.htm

    Other Publications: Brachman's Underworld, released in June 2012, continues to receive 4 and 5 star reviews on a consistent basis, on sites such as Goodreads, Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble.

  2. Hello Vlad!

    Thank you very much for getting in touch.

    I have read the first two chapters as suggested and I have responded via your website with email details.

    I sincerly look forward to recieving a copy of "Yorick" soon.

    Best wishes

  3. Hello, I am following your blog from Blogaholic Social Network. I blog about books too.


    Pls. follow me back

    I can't find your book reviews.

    1. Hello Jen!
      Thank you for finding and following my blog - I'm following back! ;0)

      Hmmm, my book reviews are written on the main page of my blog, you can look for reviews through the blog archive, alternatively, click on the goodreads link on the left... Maybe I require a better way for readers to find my reviews... xx

  4. I'm Carmen Stefanescu from:
    I've just signed to follow your blog. I'd be glad if you could honor mine, too.

    I live in Romania, better known as Dracula's country. I am a teacher of English and German in my own town and country.
    Would you, please, be so kind to accept reading and reviewing my paranormal/light romance/light horror Shadows of the Past? It's one of your favorite genres according to the info you have on your page. My novel was released on 4th December as an e-book by Wild Child Publishing, USA. If the answer is affirmative I can send you a PDF copy.

    Summary ~from Goodreads~

    When Anne and Neil leave on a one-week holiday hoping to reconcile after a two-year separation, little do they know that destiny has other plans for them. Their discovery of human bones and a bejeweled cross in the hollow of a tree open the door to the supernatural realm and the anguished life of Genevieve, a nun from medieval England.

    Can Anne save her relationship and help Genevieve her eternal rest?

    The twists and turns in this paranormal tale keep the reader guessing up to the end and weave themselves together into a quest to rekindle love.

    Award winning author Paulette Mahurin says in the review she wrote for Shadows of the past," Carmen Stefanescu’s Shadows of the Past was a great read that I enjoyed from the first page through the last sentence, that I was sorry to see end.... an excellently crafted work, by an author who clearly knows how to write, who understands literature, and knows how to tell a compellingly great story....
    You may read all the reviews here:
    Best regards and Happy Reading in 2013!

    1. Hello Carmen,
      Thank you for your request. I have emailed you in response and I am following you via your blog. ;0)

  5. Hi Schez,

    I stumbled across your blog, and just had to ask you to review The Flute Player, a 105 page, YA novella written by Shawn Mihalik. (I’ve read it, and it’s a great book. I highly recommend it.)It tells the story of Oliver, who, for ten years, has begrudgingly accepted his position as the flute player of the peaceful village of Drommar—a responsibility thrust upon him after the previous flute player, and Oliver's best friend, drowned in a tragic childhood accident. Now on the cusp of adulthood, a mysterious young woman enters Oliver's life, and he begins to question the nature of his world and the importance of his place in it.
    The Flute Player was just published on March 12th, 2013, by Asymmetrical Press, an independent publisher based in Missoula, Montana. Founded by best-selling authors Colin Wright, Joshua Fields Millburn, and Ryan Nicodemus, (you may have heard of them; they have more than 100,000 monthly readers on their blog) the press seeks to change the ways books are published, for a more author friendly approach to publishing. Thus their slogan: For the Indie at Heart.
    May I send you a copy of The Flute Player to review? And if so, do you prefer Kindle or PDF? Also, if you’re interested in doing an author interview or free giveaway, that would be really cool.
    Asymmetrical will be publishing more books this year, both fiction and non-fiction. It's an exciting time to be involved with this new venture! And because nothing is more fun than reading a book before anyone else does, if you’re interested, in the future we’d like to send you advance copies of our new books.
    We’re all about adding value and making things easier, so is there any way we can make the review process better for you?
    Thanks for your time.
    Madeleine Richey
    Public Relations
    Asymmetrical Press: For the Indie at Heart

    E-mail: Madeleine@asymmetrical.co