Thursday, 26 July 2012

Inspiration and 'that' Brick Wall

Oh yeah.

It's happened again you guys.

In regards to writing and blogging, I have hit that unavoidable, no matter how hard you try, wall.
It's sneaky that way. You go along quite happily and then it appears from outta no-where. *POOF*

I have been a relatively rubbish writer and blogger of late, and I can only apologise. After being deluged, we are now baking in the long awaited summer sun and it hasn't done anything for my motivation... I am a lot like my poor wilting tomato plants. No fruit to harvest... (Is this a metaphor or a simile? I don't care now anyway. Humph! ... You see; this is what the heat does to me!)

The state of my poor tomatoes aside, I was actually considering pulling the plug on my blog... I just felt I had nothing to share or give to my lovely followers... Then I pulled myself together before someone decided to slap me in the face with a fish, just to snap me out of it.

I'm just going through a writing drought, that's all.

Everywhere I turn; there seems to be one distraction after another and it has really thrown me off course. I have been too relaxed in my writing commitments and it's left me feeling rather distant from my writing goals.

This week I had two "thanks, but no thanks" reply emails to picture book submissions. The first one was pretty standard, no clue as to what the agent thought about the work and the other was from a publisher and it was:  "ooooooh, so close!" The email described how the submissions dept. had considered it and had even gone so far as to take it to the editor for consideration. (Heart skips a beat!) Unfortunately, the publishing list for the next two years is full, so they won't be taking my submission further. It was descibed as "having potential" (Deflates)

When do you know that you should give up writing?

I know that the odds of being published are stacked against me. Not only has the industry hit upon tough times, with many places shutting their doors to new authors; I have no formal writing qualifications, just a dream and a passion.

I dreamt of being the next Beatrix Potter when I was a tiny tot. To create beautiful pictures and stories that would be loved by children everywhere...

Link: Wikipedia

It's not exactly going according to plan...

For a start I can't express my work visually, which is to no end a frustration for me. In my minds eye I can see the book as a whole. Picture book writing is harder than you think. Picture book stories are mainly told through the pictures (sounds obvious right?), so words are just the foundation. The pictures maybe something going on in the background that only the observer can see. (E.G. a charater sneaking up on another)
Therefore, it's difficult to convey the whole idea of a picture book to an agency/publisher if you have no pictures to support the idea.

Since starting this crazy writing venture, I always feel that I have come so close, yet not close enough. At what point does an aspiring author know that it really is time to let it go and put thier energies into something completely different? (*Side-steps another fish-slap* ... I know, I know, suck it up right?!)

As you can probably feel from my rant, I am having a: I'm feeling a bit poopy-pants-blah at the moment, so I am going to wrap things up here and try to leave things on a more positive note:

Five postive reflections
  1. Although the replies I recieved this week meant I was unsuccessful, at least I got a reply!
  2. My work has potential...
  3. I still have plenty of stories to get onto paper...
  4. ..and plenty of agents/publishers to harass approach
  5. I have planty of time to hone and perfect the craft

So, fellow bloggers... If you find your face against that brick wall, how do you turn it around? Have you ever felt that you should retire from your blog, and if you have, how did you deal with that? Any tips?!

Thanks for reading the ramble!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday #10

Here we are again, another TMST! Yay!
Tell me something Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by our friend Cambria Hebert.

Each Tuesday, Cambria asks a question; we all post our answers and link them up on her blog so we can all blog hop about to see what each other thinks.It's a lovely way to get to know each other...

This week, Cambria has these fun Q's for us to answer - feel free to join in!

1) Would you rather be go about your normal day naked or fall asleep for a year?

2)Would you rather be gossipped about or never talked about at all?

3)Would you rather be born with an elephant trunk or a giraffe neck?

Don’t forget to tell us why!

1) Yikes! Nude? All the time?! I couldn't do that to the world... hahaha! Falling asleep for a year definately gets my vote! (It's been tough keeping up with everything lately!) I don't think I have known proper sleep since the last months of my first pregnancy in 2009....

2) ooooooh... What a weird and wonderful Q number two is... To never be spoken about at all would be like not having any impression on the world... Positive gossip would be fine with me...  You could ignore most of it any way, life is busy enough!

oooooooh, I say!

3) A giraffe neck seems too much hassle, all that ducking to get through door frames and getting comfy in bed with such a long neck may prove difficult (I know, I have sleep on the brain...) , an elephant nose may prove more useful... I could use it to rock the baby to sleep whilst busy with other things I suppose... (Have I thought a little too much about this question?!)

I've really enjoyed thinking about this weeks TMST... (Thanks Cambria - that was fun!)

How would you answer this week's Q's?!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

We are Family!

What brings you and your family together?
Now that I am a mum with two boys of my own, it encourages me to reflect a lot about my own childhood. Especially when I see my two boys together; I wonder what kind of relationship they will have as they grow up. Will they rely on each other? Will they be competitive? Will they fight? Protect each other?

I am the eldest of six siblings, and, although we would often fight like cat and dog, it's now that I can see how close we really are.

When growing up, all you can think about is flying the nest, getting out and making it on your own. Having my own bit of space was important to me, but looking back, I wonder if I was too quick to tell my siblings to erm, "go away" shall we say?!

Now we are experiencing and living our own lives: I have my own family to take care of, two of my brothers are working in different parts of the county, one brother is at uni, one sister has just graduated on Friday (Congratulations Bub!) and the youngest sister is at home and studying at college.

Though we now all lead separate lives, there are still things that bring us together and we remember how close we all are...

This is more between us ladies of the family. We often swap and recommend books to each other. I have recently got my mum hooked on the Morganville series.

We looooove getting together and chatting about music. It's rare that I get to gigs; but the times I have been with my brother (We have seen Ozzy and Nickleback - The awesomeness!)
We are always yabbering about a new group we have discovered; or who we should be listening to by sending a youtube link or two! (God bless technology)

Pizza and movie night
OK...So it doesn't have to be pizza, but pizza is the easiest (and tasties) choice when we all get together! These nights have got fewer, purely because of how busy we all are, and especially since the arrival of bambino#2... Our house is a bit of a squash and a squeeze...

This is my favourite time, I don't like the stress that it brings but it appears to be the one time that brings us all back home together. And it's pretty awesome... It's must be a shock to our parents, who only have the youngest living at home with them and then we all come back, bigger, and some with extras!

When we all get together, we end up laughing until we ache, and we have a fantastic time!

This Summer

The summer is a particularly nice time for us. For several years running, we have had a family day out, which has been christened: Family Fun Day (Sounds like the title of a comedy! Ha!) I hope there will be one this year.

And this Sunday, we have a BBQ to look forward to. Hopefully, we shall have some nice weather to accompany it. (Last year was a bit soggy, my dad held the brolly over the BBQ whilst my hubby cooked... We all shivered under the Gazebo to eat in between showers...  Loved it!)

These are just some of the things that bring us together.
So, what about you and your family?

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Tell Me Something Tueday #9

Hello; and welcome to Tell Me Something Tuesday, hosted by Cambria Hebert. If you are new to TMST, all you have to do, is take this weeks question, blog post your answer and then head on over to Cambria's to link up. Alternatively; just post a comment in the comments box; here or over on Cambria's blog. Then we can check out each others answers.

This Weeks Q:

What do you think of the whole Indie vs. Traditional Publishing? Do you as a reader (and blogger!) look at the publisher name before you choose to buy or read a book?

I fear this will be yet another Q&A that will leave me looking fairly ignorant to the whole topic... It's not something that I have given a whole lot of thought to.

So, in the interest of research, I went over to my bookshelves, just to take a look at what was on there by publisher. It turns out that most of them are "traditional".
I don't think this is a reflection on Indie publishing, I just guess that the traditional publishers are more "in your face" and can get the book out there more easily. It's the traditional publishers that are mainstream, and can get their books, well... everywhere.

Just as a general thought, I think that it is awesome that people can just go ahead and get themselves publsihed, especially if the book is a real gem that wouldn't get a second look otherwise. However, it's more time consuming to locate, and go through, the lists of indie publishers and pick out the "winning" titles.  If you pick a few that are disappointments, it makes it less likely that you would want to try out another title.

I think with traditional publishing, you can gauge the standard of a book. It's mainstream and easy to pick up... Plus, being mainstream, you have a multitude of reviews and opinions readily available, telling you whether or not to bother taking a look at a title.

I choose most of my books on impulses. First the cover may draw me in, then the blurb and if it's still got me intrigued, then I may carry it up to the cash register or library counter... It's rare for me to acknowledge who the publisher is as I am buying a book. 
It's only since blogging, reviewing books and reading reviews, that I may look to see who the publisher is; and even then, it's only ever a small curiosity. It doesn't really matter about the publisher, it's the story within the pages.

Happy Tuesday everyone! =)

Latest Distraction


I've been a bad blogger... and this is the culprit.


I do most of my reading/writing/blogging at night time when the kiddly-winks have gone to bed and I have five minutes peace...

But since the arrival of Stanleigh, she has been coming in with us when the kids have gone to bed. And she has been very entertaining to watch.... We are also trying to 'train' her to use her litter tray. Apparently this is achievable. (I kid you not... But Stanleigh prefers pooping next to it. Lazy.)

Only problem is, I am now waaaaaaaaaay behind in my blogging schedule...
  • Including a review on "Jaime Lea and the Bumble Bee" by Adrian and Matthew Thorpe
Jaime Lea and the Bumblebee
Review coming soon

This week...

Apart from hippity-hoppity bunny antics, other things that have happened include:
  •  another rejection email (sigh - when do you admit defeat with something like this?! - she says has she jots down yet another idea for a picture book...)
  •  my legs have still not recovered from my attempt to jog further than I was ready for, (my enthusiasm is a blessing and a curse!)
  • and I have been having issues with returning to work. Let's just say it's going to be a massive change, not only am I having to leave my babies with their Nan-Nan , I am going back to a new role in September. Feeling a tad upset about the whole situation. But; I am determined to have the best last weeks of freedom with my children and make every minute count. =)
So here's hoping to get back to serious and regular business of blogging!

... *gets distracted by an impressive leap over the bunny tunnel*

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Wishing on Wednesday #7

Hello! And welcome to my weekly meme that is supposed to be posted here every Wednesday *tut*, so apologies for my shabby time keeping. It's just turned Thursday and here I am trying to sneak in a Wednesday post. Disgraceful.

The reason my post is so late; is because we have a new addition to the family and so I have been rather distracted:

This is Stanleigh-Rose...

Now usually on "Wishing on Wednesday", I post a wish idea, a: what would you wish in this scenario? kinda thing...
But this week I thought with the arrival of Stanleigh-Rose (I promise I will explain) I would do things a bit differently and ask you about wishes coming true...

Now, I have always loved animals. We were not a allowed pets growing up, not until the youngest was toddling and then to our sheer delight, mum bought us a border terrier-cross jack russel pup. Oh my goodness. Can you imagine it?! The utter joy. Max was my companion and a comfort. Then came the rabbits... we had quite a few... and then a few more as we didn't realise one was a male. (There was a lesson learnt!)
When I left home, I moved in with my partner-now-hubby; and convinced him we needed pets. So we had little Roborovski hamsters (cute little things but lightning quick... the under-the-sofa games we had to play with them... *sigh*) and then my land lady suggested (yes, she suggested the following, and I will love her forever for it!) we get pet rats. Oh; my pet dumbo rat Willow was an absolute star! We got her a friend to keep her company - Hazel. Then we were gifted a pair of male guinea pigs.... (Bennie and Leeroy)

Of course, these dear little critters grew older and we lost them. The last guinea pig passed away a good few months a go and the hutch has stood empty ever since.

With two small children to keep us busy, you would think that pets would be the last thing on my mind. But I felt like there was a tiny piece not quite filled.
Today, I took the children to a garden centre, that also sell pets. (They have a fantastic reputation for the breeding, care and after care of their animals - they will phone me in a week to see how my new bunny is getting on) I wasn't planning on it, but there she was, all on her own in her glass pen.

The other rabbits were stretched out in their own pens, just dosing, guinea pigs were squeaking and snuffling, and the other smaller animals were, well... doing what small animals do. Hiding. When we got to her, she stood up on her back legs with her front paws on the glass... then she got down and nosed and tossed the hay around... Okay. I was smitten.

Before I knew it the sales assistant was helping me back to the car with a trolley full of bunny essentials.
OJ, at this point is almost bursting with excitement and he wanted to call her Stanley, after a picture book entitled: That Rabbit Belongs To Emily Brown!
(The story is about a queen who desperately wants Emily Brown's old, grey, toy rabbit named; Stanley)

But then the shop assistant said the rabbit was a girl. OJ was adamant that her name was to be Stanley... So I improvised and made the "ley" into "Leigh". Some how "Rose" got onto the end. Maybe just to make it more feminine?! I didn't really have time to think about it, I concluded that it was meant to be. So Stanleigh-Rose it is!

This Wishing on Wednesday was about wish fulfilment... Have you had any wishes fulfilled lately?!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday #8

Tell Me Something Tuesday, is a meme hosted by the author, blogger, latte sipper, Cambria over at "Cambria Hebert"

Each Tuesday, Cambria posts a Q and we all leave our answers via post linky on her website.

Come and join in! Check out this week's Q , blog your answer - then leave your post link on her blog so we can all blog hop and check out what each other think... (Why does the phrase "blog hop" always make me think of space hoppers?!)
Cyber space-hopping?

This weeks Q:
What do you think Ebooks should be priced at? How much is too much and what is fair?

My A:

I don't think I can fairly comment on this weeks Q as I don't buy Ebooks. I haven't got a clue as to what they are priced at and how the system works. I'm aware that there have been issues amongst some publishing companies regarding the sale prices of Ebooks in the past, but I haven't been following closely enough to comment.

Many people who I have spoken to in regards to getting an Ereader, have encouraged me to do so; as "the price of an Ebook is much cheaper"...(A sweeping statement made by an acquaintance, but then they also went on to say that they refuse to buy an Ebook for more than 99p...???) 

I probably would expect an Ebook to be a little cheaper. Purely because it's a file rather than a physical book. You would expect the book to be more expensive as you are paying for paper, printing, binding etc. (Well, that would be the logical thinking right?!)

 Any thoughts?! Am I right in thinking Ebooks should be cheaper?

Anyone For A Game of I-Spy?!

"I Spy in July" is  a theme being run all this month by the lovely Francesca of "Francesca Writes Here"

Through the month of July, Francesca is asking fellow bloggers to post what they see. A photo is useful but not essential. So keep your peepers open for that flash of inspiration and blog about it.

The only thing that Francesca is asking is that we leave our post linkys with her, so we can blog hop about to read each others.

I really love this idea and have been dying to get round to having a go... So before July slips away; here we go:

I spy with my little eye...

Rain, rain and more rain!

Here is  the view form our bedroom window...

Who would have thought that a month or two a go we had hose pipe bans across the country and the reservoirs where drying up... The weather has gone a little doo-la-lee across the globe this year...

With all this rain, a girl needs a little cheering up. In comes a little retail therapy..

I spy with my little eye...


I know it's summer... technically... but I couldn't resist these knitted slipper boots. So warm and cosy... Winter do your worst... Actually, scrap that. You never mess with Mother Nature...

Cute and functional. Half price. Bargain.
Not my usual style of trainer, but these BKs are uber comfy and stylish. Soft denim with a pretty, girly floral pattern on the back. Snazzy... Half price? Oh yes, even better! Another bargain....

With all this footwear, I can't help but wonder if I am purchasing the wrong type all together... Maybe I need to spy a pair of these for my next bargain...

Your turn, what do you spy in July?!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Double Wowzers!

I had a lovely surprise from Krista at "Breath In BooKs", she has tagged me for a Liebster Blog award!

Flowers Clip Art


Now, I was awarded one not so long a go, so finding 11 more facts about me might be boring for some readers so here is the LINK to my first Liebster award, but  will be answering Krista's 11 questions for me here:

How long have you been blogging?
I started blogging at the end of December last year, I can't believe how time has flown!

Why did you want to start blogging?
I needed somewhere to write! I wanted to meet people going through the same "getting published" journey; but I have got so much more out of it and met some awesome people.

How did you come up with the name of your blog?
It just kinda popped into my noodle... Ha. I wanted simple and told people exactly what it was about.

What are your hopes for your blog?
 To make it better! I hope to reach/meet more wonderful bloggers, improve my writing style and hopefully be a little entertaining along the way. 

Do you read mainly traditionally published or Indie/Self published books?
Looking at my bookshelf, I guess there are more traditionally published books, but I read a book if I am drawn to it... (Or if I read an awesome review by the book bloggers I follow!)

What is your all-time favourite book & why?
This question is so hard! I always want to hide when I see this Q coming... I think the most recent book that had an impact was when I first discovered Adam Nevill and read his "Apartment 16", he made horror interesting again.

Who is your most favourite & least favourite characters (from any book) and why?
I'm stumped...  I think one of my favourite characters has to be Tiffany Aching from Terry Pratchett's "Wee Free Men" books. She is strong, brave, determined but then still has a childish streak... (To be fair, she is only nine when we first meet her) Oh, and she's a witch...
Character's I don't?! I need to think about that further but I am sure I have complained about a few...

How many books are on your To Be Read & To Be Reviewed piles?
Way too many for this lifetime! I've counted twelve by my bed... I ain't looking under it...

Do you have any ARCs right now, if so what?
I'm not lucky enough to have worked out how to get these yet!

What is your favourite drink to consume while reading? Coffee, tea, soda, other?
 I like a cuppa whilst I'm reading, but as a treat I may have a hot chocolate with extra marshmallows... mmmmmmmmm.....

What book are you currently reading?
I'm reading: "The Hypnotist" by Larrs Kelper

Another big thank you to Krista for thinking of me; and thank you to the rest of you lovely readers who take the time to read the randomness of my life! ;0)

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Rainy Day Activities

British Summer Time Strikes Again
Britain is in the middle of a deluge, with flash floods and general... Soggy-ness... The washing is piling up as I can't get it dry (no tumble drier here I am afraid) and it feels like OJ is bouncing off the walls.

So it was time to get creative and find ways to pass the rainy days.

Baby Sensory Ring (suitable for approximately 6 months +)

I swear that my cubs have access to some lovely educational toys... but somehow, something that mummy has whipped up seems to be much more appealing!

After observing our baby Zman (8 months) desperately trying to get at daddy's shoelaces, I decided that I would make a baby sensory ring with lots of ribbons and laces to explore.
I bought a Frisbee ring for about 50 pence, and some colourful tape. I wound it around the Frisbee and it makes lovely crinkly noises which Zman loves.
I attached various ribbons and laces to the ring and, hey presto! A basic sensory ring.
This can be added to with large buttons and all sorts. As long as the materials are safely attached and are safe for baby to mouth.

The sensory ring is excellent in promoting:
  • Hand-eye co-ordination
  • Developing the muscles in the eyes
  • Exploration
  • Fine motor skills

The sensory ring can also be...
a hat!
(According to OJ who wanted in on the action!)

The Ducky Game (suitable for approximately 2 1/2  years +)

This game is so much fun and can be adapted in so many ways but we used:
  • Ball pit
  • 12 brightly coloured, rubber ducks
  • Number stickers
  • A bucket and net
Stick the numbers on the bottom of the ducks and put them in the ball pit. See if child(ren) can scoop them out with a net. Put the collected ducks into the bucket. Encourage child(ren) to look at, and recognise the numbers.

OJ decided there was a much easier way to get the ducks... OJ thinks:To get the ducks, you must first think like a duck and be accepted into their habitat...

  • Older children 4 years + - Use more more ducks and add (+) and (-) signs. Largest number wins!
  • Use letters and try to catch the ducks with the letters of their name and or other words (perhaps ones they are learning to spell?)
  • Use a small paddling pool, and if using outside in that thing called sunshine (send some this way!), you could have them in water!
  • For a miniature Ducky Game use a large cardboard box and sieve!

The Ducky Game encourages a wide range of sill and development depending on what you you do:
  • Hand-eye co-ordination
  • Colour, number, letter recognition
  • Problem solving
  • Early maths
  • Large motor skills
  • Concentration
  • A group of children will learn basic social skills  such as turn taking and working together etc

Finger painting (Suitable for 1 year +... Depending on individual development)

A budding Picasso?

This is so easy... and so MESSY! YAAAAAAAY!

Put down a tarpaulin to catch (most of) the mess, get the biggest piece of paper you can get your hands on, set out the finger paints (I used a paper plate so I could just dispose of it, oh yeah, thinking outside of the box!) and let your kiddie get creative!

To save OJ's clothes, I stripped him down to his nappy so he could get right in there on the floor and be one with his art!

For a bonus self-esteem boost, proudly put up the picture for all to see (like I had to tell you that!)

Finger painting promotes:
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Creativity
  • Exploration
  • Colour recognition
  • Concentration
  • Emotional development - a sense of achievement
  • Can be relaxing and an opportunity to encourage speech/language/conversation skills

If anyone out there has some more rainy ideas, me and OJ would only be happy to check them out! 

Thursday, 5 July 2012

A Big Thank you!

After a reasonably stressy day with the cubs, I had a lovely email from Dani at "Pen To Paper"  *Pen To Paper is an awesome book blog, it's worth checking out if you haven't already! ;o)

It was to tell me that I won an international giveaway on her blog:

for giveaway details!

The book is illustrated by Dani's boyfriend Matt and the story is written by Matt's dad, Adrian.
Reeeeeeeally excited about getting my mitts on this! Plus, me and my mini book worm will be reviewing "Jaime Lea and the Bumblebee" over on Kiddi Book Corner.

Watch this space!

Wishing on Wednesday # 6

Welcome to my weekly meme: Wishing on Wednesday.

Here's the gist:

Each Wednesday I set a wish theme and ask my fellow bloggers for their thoughts and ideas about it.

The meme was inspired by the idea that we catch ourselves saying "I wish" on a daily basis, so I thought that we could turn it into a bit of fun as well as getting some interesting points of view.

If you have time, please do leave your reply or link to your own "Wishing on Wednesaday" post in the comments box below.

If you find a genie's lamp, it's mine... Honest!

This weeks wish:

If you could wish for one other talent (added to your already established list of course!) what would you wish for and why?!

My A:


I guess it would have to be something outgoing for me, as I am so shy in real life.

I had dreams when I was young about being a singer. 
Even if I had the bottle, I still couldn't be convinced to sing in front of people. I'm being honest, seriously... Even if you handed me that bucket, I still wouldn't be able to carry a tune!
(I know, you would think that as a nursery nurse and mum; I would be used to singing to kids all the time, but somehow that's different...)

I'm a Leo, and, if you believe in star signs contributing to personality, then by rights I should be the confident, happy-in -the-lime -light, entertainer sort... But no. I am more of a back stage kinda gal... (More like the cowardly lion from OZ!)

Come to think of it, given the opportunity, I would probably also like to play an instrument. I wanted to play flute, piano and drums whilst in school... But  we never had the money to pay for the tuition.
A few years ago, I went to see a local folk band play and I fell in love with the Bodhran drum.
I was so mesmerised that I went and bought a small, practise Bodhran. I was doing quite well, but couldn't find anyone to teach me further, so because I wasn't progressing, it just kind of stopped...

So, I think if I could wish for an extra talent, it would definitely have to be something musical...

What would your chosen talent be?!

Happy Wednes... Oh Cr*p...  It's technically Thursday! When did that happen?! (How long have I been typing?!)

"Double Bodhrans" - The Gothard Sisters (live 2011) 

Now that is impressive!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

I'm Still A Winner Baby!

I was somewhat disappointed when I discovered that I had not been short listed for the Munch Bunch Story Telling Competition . Slightly gutted folks. But click on the link and see what awesome stories have been chosen and vote for your favourite. Apparently each voter is entered into a prize draw for a £10 Waterstones voucher... I looooooove Waterstones...

Anyhoo, after moments of consoling myself that everything happens for a reason, trying to convince myself that my story still rocked, that it was their loss and all that good blah - I had a lovely email...

I won this on Goodreads:

Oooooo! Signed by the author too...

Oh yeah.

Now that feels better... A "free-book" band aid...

Watch out for my review of Redhead by Ian Cook coming soon!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday #7

Quick! I still have an hour of Tuesday left! (Did you think I had forgotten?!)...

It's TMST!

Tell Me Something Tuesday is a weekly, get the cogs turning, meme - hosted by Cambria Hebert. Click on the link to take a look and join in!

Blog hoppin' is loads of fun and we all get to know a little more about each other.

So here is this weeks' Q:

At what point do you think a series has gone on too long? How long should a series be?

My A:

This one is very hard for me to answer, as I am struggling to think of a series that I have read!  Whilst you are picking your jaw up off the floor, let me take a minute to ponder further... Nope. The brain is not not recalling a series that I have read. Although, when I have officially posted this and shut down the computer I am sure I will be kicking myself.

I have only just started reading the Morganville series so I can't comment as to if 12 (it is 12 right?!) is more than enough. I remember thinking, how can there be that many in a series? People who I have asked about the series have said they just keep getting better!
I have also started the "Hunger Games" trilogy, but I am afraid I have never even bothered to pick up "Harry Potter" or "Twilight"... I should stop now before I get into serious trouble...

When I think of  books, I usually think "trilogy" so perhaps a series of 3 or possibly 4 books would be sufficient. Then again, if a series is particularly well done, then perhaps an author can get away with as many as they choose?

So, I am afraid my answer is rather lame this week... Apologies...

And why is it that I haven't I read more series books?! Hmmmm...

Sunday, 1 July 2012

In The Bag!

Before I start this post, for those who read yesterday's post - a quick update. Yes, I ate the ice cream and yes I actually went out on a run early this morning. Woooooo! I died when I returned. My lungs felt like they were on fire and I had waves of nausea. How unfit am I? It sounds like a ran a mile, but it was only round the block *blush* It’s a start though right?!
I decided to start running to get into shape, July 2010, after having our first child. The last time I ran was in November 2010 the day before my Nan passed away. I can’t really write too much about it as it is still so very sad and sudden. I then became pregnant with our second child so running was forgotten.
It was good to get out there again though. The wind in my face; and music in my ears, feet pounding the pavement. Just getting out there and doing something positive felt invigorating.

I am hoping to keep this up; even if I only run at the weekends (but I know what I am like, it will get addictive...)

On with the post:

My Bag....
Is more like a Tardis. I put stuff in. I put more stuff in and yet, still I can put more stuff in... It’s finding the stuff that I require at certain times that’s the problem!

The Sort Out
The other day as I tipped the contents out onto the table to sort out, looking at the array of objects scattered across the table, I realised that if someone was to find my bag, that they could probably work out a little about me. Try it yourself. Tip out the contents of your bag and pick up the first couple of things. What do they say about you?

What My Bag Says About Me
I chose five things to write about else we would be here all night!
If you are a chap reading this without a ‘man bag’ than do the same with your coat/jeans pocket; alternatively, the glove box of your car can also be very revealing about the type of person you are!)

Firstly the bag itself:

This is my current favourite in operation. It's brown, soft fabric with a fur top. It has a wolf print that has piercing yellow eyes.
First impressions?!

The Colour Brown:

Taken from:

"Brown says stability, reliability, and approachability. It is the color of our earth and is associated with all things natural or organic.

How the color brown affects us physically and mentally

* Feeling of wholesomeness
* Stability
* Connection with the earth
* Offers a sense orderliness"
The wolf itself  traditionally has a lot of symbolism attached:
  • Intelligence
  • Cunning
  • Communication
  • Friendliness
  • Loyalty
  • Generosity
  • Compassionate

The bag is strong, practicle and a bit fluffy on the edges. :0) Sounds a bit like me. Ha!

So in amongst the usual suspects (purse, keys and phone) here are five random objects and what they could be saying about me:

Note book and pen - Don't want any ideas escaping! I like to keep ideas and thoughts in order.

I don't wear make-up day to day, so this lipstick is really out of place and a real surprise... Maybe that's just like me? Or, I just keep this in here so I can use it to mark a path back out of the Labyrinth... (If you haven't seen fantatsy 1980's film Labyrinth with David Bowie, then the last comment is meaningless... )

My sunnies... Oh sunny old England...
You have to admire the optimism right?! I am an optimistic person, even if I am moaning and whining like.. well... like something that moans and whines a lot! I am still pretty optimistic underneath it all. I don't give up easily...
This could also be an indication of my shyness, and that I like to be hidden...

A keepsake card from my hubby on Mother's Day... (Entitled: A little hug from me) This is obvious, I am sentimental... And words mean a whole lot coming from  loved ones. I like to keep these kind of things close to me.
I may not spend hours on beauty regimes, make-up, hair, clothes etc. But I like to keep neat and tidy so these bits and pieces are essential.

So, there you go. A little bit about me.
What's in your bag and what does it say about you?!