Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Latest Distraction


I've been a bad blogger... and this is the culprit.


I do most of my reading/writing/blogging at night time when the kiddly-winks have gone to bed and I have five minutes peace...

But since the arrival of Stanleigh, she has been coming in with us when the kids have gone to bed. And she has been very entertaining to watch.... We are also trying to 'train' her to use her litter tray. Apparently this is achievable. (I kid you not... But Stanleigh prefers pooping next to it. Lazy.)

Only problem is, I am now waaaaaaaaaay behind in my blogging schedule...
  • Including a review on "Jaime Lea and the Bumble Bee" by Adrian and Matthew Thorpe
Jaime Lea and the Bumblebee
Review coming soon

This week...

Apart from hippity-hoppity bunny antics, other things that have happened include:
  •  another rejection email (sigh - when do you admit defeat with something like this?! - she says has she jots down yet another idea for a picture book...)
  •  my legs have still not recovered from my attempt to jog further than I was ready for, (my enthusiasm is a blessing and a curse!)
  • and I have been having issues with returning to work. Let's just say it's going to be a massive change, not only am I having to leave my babies with their Nan-Nan , I am going back to a new role in September. Feeling a tad upset about the whole situation. But; I am determined to have the best last weeks of freedom with my children and make every minute count. =)
So here's hoping to get back to serious and regular business of blogging!

... *gets distracted by an impressive leap over the bunny tunnel*

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