Thursday, 12 July 2012

Wishing on Wednesday #7

Hello! And welcome to my weekly meme that is supposed to be posted here every Wednesday *tut*, so apologies for my shabby time keeping. It's just turned Thursday and here I am trying to sneak in a Wednesday post. Disgraceful.

The reason my post is so late; is because we have a new addition to the family and so I have been rather distracted:

This is Stanleigh-Rose...

Now usually on "Wishing on Wednesday", I post a wish idea, a: what would you wish in this scenario? kinda thing...
But this week I thought with the arrival of Stanleigh-Rose (I promise I will explain) I would do things a bit differently and ask you about wishes coming true...

Now, I have always loved animals. We were not a allowed pets growing up, not until the youngest was toddling and then to our sheer delight, mum bought us a border terrier-cross jack russel pup. Oh my goodness. Can you imagine it?! The utter joy. Max was my companion and a comfort. Then came the rabbits... we had quite a few... and then a few more as we didn't realise one was a male. (There was a lesson learnt!)
When I left home, I moved in with my partner-now-hubby; and convinced him we needed pets. So we had little Roborovski hamsters (cute little things but lightning quick... the under-the-sofa games we had to play with them... *sigh*) and then my land lady suggested (yes, she suggested the following, and I will love her forever for it!) we get pet rats. Oh; my pet dumbo rat Willow was an absolute star! We got her a friend to keep her company - Hazel. Then we were gifted a pair of male guinea pigs.... (Bennie and Leeroy)

Of course, these dear little critters grew older and we lost them. The last guinea pig passed away a good few months a go and the hutch has stood empty ever since.

With two small children to keep us busy, you would think that pets would be the last thing on my mind. But I felt like there was a tiny piece not quite filled.
Today, I took the children to a garden centre, that also sell pets. (They have a fantastic reputation for the breeding, care and after care of their animals - they will phone me in a week to see how my new bunny is getting on) I wasn't planning on it, but there she was, all on her own in her glass pen.

The other rabbits were stretched out in their own pens, just dosing, guinea pigs were squeaking and snuffling, and the other smaller animals were, well... doing what small animals do. Hiding. When we got to her, she stood up on her back legs with her front paws on the glass... then she got down and nosed and tossed the hay around... Okay. I was smitten.

Before I knew it the sales assistant was helping me back to the car with a trolley full of bunny essentials.
OJ, at this point is almost bursting with excitement and he wanted to call her Stanley, after a picture book entitled: That Rabbit Belongs To Emily Brown!
(The story is about a queen who desperately wants Emily Brown's old, grey, toy rabbit named; Stanley)

But then the shop assistant said the rabbit was a girl. OJ was adamant that her name was to be Stanley... So I improvised and made the "ley" into "Leigh". Some how "Rose" got onto the end. Maybe just to make it more feminine?! I didn't really have time to think about it, I concluded that it was meant to be. So Stanleigh-Rose it is!

This Wishing on Wednesday was about wish fulfilment... Have you had any wishes fulfilled lately?!

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