Saturday, 21 July 2012

We are Family!

What brings you and your family together?
Now that I am a mum with two boys of my own, it encourages me to reflect a lot about my own childhood. Especially when I see my two boys together; I wonder what kind of relationship they will have as they grow up. Will they rely on each other? Will they be competitive? Will they fight? Protect each other?

I am the eldest of six siblings, and, although we would often fight like cat and dog, it's now that I can see how close we really are.

When growing up, all you can think about is flying the nest, getting out and making it on your own. Having my own bit of space was important to me, but looking back, I wonder if I was too quick to tell my siblings to erm, "go away" shall we say?!

Now we are experiencing and living our own lives: I have my own family to take care of, two of my brothers are working in different parts of the county, one brother is at uni, one sister has just graduated on Friday (Congratulations Bub!) and the youngest sister is at home and studying at college.

Though we now all lead separate lives, there are still things that bring us together and we remember how close we all are...

This is more between us ladies of the family. We often swap and recommend books to each other. I have recently got my mum hooked on the Morganville series.

We looooove getting together and chatting about music. It's rare that I get to gigs; but the times I have been with my brother (We have seen Ozzy and Nickleback - The awesomeness!)
We are always yabbering about a new group we have discovered; or who we should be listening to by sending a youtube link or two! (God bless technology)

Pizza and movie night
OK...So it doesn't have to be pizza, but pizza is the easiest (and tasties) choice when we all get together! These nights have got fewer, purely because of how busy we all are, and especially since the arrival of bambino#2... Our house is a bit of a squash and a squeeze...

This is my favourite time, I don't like the stress that it brings but it appears to be the one time that brings us all back home together. And it's pretty awesome... It's must be a shock to our parents, who only have the youngest living at home with them and then we all come back, bigger, and some with extras!

When we all get together, we end up laughing until we ache, and we have a fantastic time!

This Summer

The summer is a particularly nice time for us. For several years running, we have had a family day out, which has been christened: Family Fun Day (Sounds like the title of a comedy! Ha!) I hope there will be one this year.

And this Sunday, we have a BBQ to look forward to. Hopefully, we shall have some nice weather to accompany it. (Last year was a bit soggy, my dad held the brolly over the BBQ whilst my hubby cooked... We all shivered under the Gazebo to eat in between showers...  Loved it!)

These are just some of the things that bring us together.
So, what about you and your family?


  1. I've a small family here, but we always get together to celebrate birthdays, whether it is going out to a local pub or pizza palace, or just BBQing out, it's always fun. Especially with the little grands scampering hither and yon. We will add another birthday next year with "baby grand" expected early on in '13. Of course, we gather at Christmas, not always on the specific day due to working schedules of my two (they sometime draw the short straw at their jobs) and we have to work around my son's in-laws, but whenever we do, chaos reigns.

    1. Hi Jimmie!

      How wonderful when families continue to grow... I hope "baby grand" arrives safe and sound in the new year.
      I understand what you are saying about christmas not being about a specific day. We try and spend time fairly between my family and hubby's family, so we alternate christmas eve and boxing day each year, and save christmas day just for us and the children....

  2. I live apart from my family (except for one sister), so there isn't any real family bonding.. Aside from the once a year phone call, we follow each other's blogs.. Not really a close knit family here, LOL..
    My sister and I crochet together, see movies, have lunch, etc..

    1. Some families just work better that way Ren; but it sounds like you and your sis have some cool times! =)