Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday #8

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This weeks Q:
What do you think Ebooks should be priced at? How much is too much and what is fair?

My A:

I don't think I can fairly comment on this weeks Q as I don't buy Ebooks. I haven't got a clue as to what they are priced at and how the system works. I'm aware that there have been issues amongst some publishing companies regarding the sale prices of Ebooks in the past, but I haven't been following closely enough to comment.

Many people who I have spoken to in regards to getting an Ereader, have encouraged me to do so; as "the price of an Ebook is much cheaper"...(A sweeping statement made by an acquaintance, but then they also went on to say that they refuse to buy an Ebook for more than 99p...???) 

I probably would expect an Ebook to be a little cheaper. Purely because it's a file rather than a physical book. You would expect the book to be more expensive as you are paying for paper, printing, binding etc. (Well, that would be the logical thinking right?!)

 Any thoughts?! Am I right in thinking Ebooks should be cheaper?


  1. Wow, you have never bought an Ebook? LOL. that's okay, I just got a smartphone and an ereader about a year ago so I am not much better off. LOL. But I do know about Ebook pricing (well not everything) bc I have a few titles on ebook.... but you can read my full answer on my blog. :) In short i think 5.00$ and below is fair. Your big pub houses price theirs at 9.99 or so and I think that's too high even for a big publisher bc thats about the same as a paperback book. but you are right Ebooks cost almost nothing to produce (other than formatting) so they should be cheaper. Yes, you have to have a cover and an edit but those are things you would have anyway for a print book. PLUS, Ebook covers are less expensive that paperback covers (but only if you need an Ebook cover and not a print one too) so there is a savings there. Now I can't say thats for all covers but my cover designer charges less for ebook covers than she does for print. I think i am rambling now... so I will close. :) Thanks for joining in this week! see you next TMST!

    1. I always enjoy a bit of ramble! Ha!
      And I know! Where have I been?! I still haven't got a smart phone either *blush* ...
      My birthday is coming up, so I have shamefully been dropping hints that a kindle is on the wish list, so Amzon giftcards would be welcome this year... hehehe.
      I think my first ebook will have to be your first book Cambria, and that's not just me being "cute", I am genuinely curious. :0)

  2. Well you must get an ebook soon, my friend. It opens up a whole new world for you, ease and convenience! You can even download the apps for Kindle and Nook and grab some freebies. Ebooks are also the preferred method for publishers and authors when distributing ARCs because it is so much cheaper. Yea you are right ebooks should be cheaper. I love grabbing books for under three bucks. Anyway thanks for participating! Glad to be back :$

    1. I know, I am soooooooooooo far behind. And so missing out on some bargains by the sounds...
      I am very interested in receiving ARC's to review here on the blog, but don't really know where to start... (I would also like to this for children's picture books on Kiddi Book Corner, but I have some way to go... The blog needs some polishing ;0) )
      I don't think I participated very well this week, but it's great to have you back! =)

  3. I buy eBooks once in a while. I have a Kindle, and I also belong to the eBook lending library from our local library. But truthfully, I would rather hold a book. I like the smell and feel of books. It's a "thing" of mine. I think that eBooks are too high priced, especially the popular ones. Amazon.com has an amazing assortment, but the cheaper ones are ones that are either old or the ones no one has ever heard of. Therefore, I avail myself of my local library for lending eBooks as well as the good old paper ones.

    1. I borrowed a Kobo once, and I admit that I couldn't help but be impressed... However, nothing will beat the whole book-in-hand experience... (I totally understand what you mean) Maybe that is why I have held off buying an Ereader for so long.(That and the price of obtaining one) I remember the first time I saw an Ereader advert and the first thing I said was: Oh no! They are making books digital as well?! I was horrified and was worried that books would be replaced... Never! :-)

  4. I used to think I wouldn't be able to get past paperbacks but I own an iPad and a Kindle now and I have to say they are both fantabulous. It's amazing to read on and I love the Kindle freebies and how light and easy the device is to hold. But then again when it loses charge, I kinda wish I was holding a paper book.

    I purchase ebooks under 3$ but hesitate to buy ebooks that cost more than that. I feel I'd rather invest on a paperback than buy an ebook that's more than 2.99!