Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday #7

Quick! I still have an hour of Tuesday left! (Did you think I had forgotten?!)...

It's TMST!

Tell Me Something Tuesday is a weekly, get the cogs turning, meme - hosted by Cambria Hebert. Click on the link to take a look and join in!

Blog hoppin' is loads of fun and we all get to know a little more about each other.

So here is this weeks' Q:

At what point do you think a series has gone on too long? How long should a series be?

My A:

This one is very hard for me to answer, as I am struggling to think of a series that I have read!  Whilst you are picking your jaw up off the floor, let me take a minute to ponder further... Nope. The brain is not not recalling a series that I have read. Although, when I have officially posted this and shut down the computer I am sure I will be kicking myself.

I have only just started reading the Morganville series so I can't comment as to if 12 (it is 12 right?!) is more than enough. I remember thinking, how can there be that many in a series? People who I have asked about the series have said they just keep getting better!
I have also started the "Hunger Games" trilogy, but I am afraid I have never even bothered to pick up "Harry Potter" or "Twilight"... I should stop now before I get into serious trouble...

When I think of  books, I usually think "trilogy" so perhaps a series of 3 or possibly 4 books would be sufficient. Then again, if a series is particularly well done, then perhaps an author can get away with as many as they choose?

So, I am afraid my answer is rather lame this week... Apologies...

And why is it that I haven't I read more series books?! Hmmmm...


  1. Hi! great post this week. I find it amazing you haven't read at least one series but hey people are busy! I haven't read the Morganville one yet bc there are so many books, lol. Who has time? BUt i have read Hunger Games (really good) and Twilight (also good). I haven't ready Harry Potter though.... maybe I'm in trouble too. LOL. anyway, i agree with the 3 or 4 books it seems like a good number to me!

  2. Thanks Cambria,
    Sorry it was a bit of a lame answer this week... I still don't get why I haven't read any book series... I must have growing up sometime or other... But do you think I can recall?! I have a growing list of series books, but it's gonna take me some time to get round to it!
    I think you are safer than me, you have managed to read both Hunger Games and Twilight... ;0)