Thursday, 5 July 2012

Wishing on Wednesday # 6

Welcome to my weekly meme: Wishing on Wednesday.

Here's the gist:

Each Wednesday I set a wish theme and ask my fellow bloggers for their thoughts and ideas about it.

The meme was inspired by the idea that we catch ourselves saying "I wish" on a daily basis, so I thought that we could turn it into a bit of fun as well as getting some interesting points of view.

If you have time, please do leave your reply or link to your own "Wishing on Wednesaday" post in the comments box below.

If you find a genie's lamp, it's mine... Honest!

This weeks wish:

If you could wish for one other talent (added to your already established list of course!) what would you wish for and why?!

My A:


I guess it would have to be something outgoing for me, as I am so shy in real life.

I had dreams when I was young about being a singer. 
Even if I had the bottle, I still couldn't be convinced to sing in front of people. I'm being honest, seriously... Even if you handed me that bucket, I still wouldn't be able to carry a tune!
(I know, you would think that as a nursery nurse and mum; I would be used to singing to kids all the time, but somehow that's different...)

I'm a Leo, and, if you believe in star signs contributing to personality, then by rights I should be the confident, happy-in -the-lime -light, entertainer sort... But no. I am more of a back stage kinda gal... (More like the cowardly lion from OZ!)

Come to think of it, given the opportunity, I would probably also like to play an instrument. I wanted to play flute, piano and drums whilst in school... But  we never had the money to pay for the tuition.
A few years ago, I went to see a local folk band play and I fell in love with the Bodhran drum.
I was so mesmerised that I went and bought a small, practise Bodhran. I was doing quite well, but couldn't find anyone to teach me further, so because I wasn't progressing, it just kind of stopped...

So, I think if I could wish for an extra talent, it would definitely have to be something musical...

What would your chosen talent be?!

Happy Wednes... Oh Cr*p...  It's technically Thursday! When did that happen?! (How long have I been typing?!)

"Double Bodhrans" - The Gothard Sisters (live 2011) 

Now that is impressive!

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