Friday, 29 June 2012

The Weekend Treat

I am going to eat a bowl of ice cream now. And it's going to be topped with chocolate buttons... Oh. Yeeeeeeeeah.


I know what you all are thinking... But it's O.K folks. Honestly. I've got it all figured out. Tomorrow morning I start running again. (Hey, I heard that snigger, but it's true...HA!)

I am going to commit to a better lifestyle; this is just going to be my "last indulgence"... Maybe. I'll try really hard...

 Plus I need the ice cream after today...

After last night's blog award excitement (sounds like an Oscar the way I'm telling it!) I didn't get to bed until the early hours and in those same early hours, the bambino's called official-get-out-of-bed-time. So it's my own fault but I am barely 'here' at the moment.

 I stubbed my toes on the high chair and then managed to throw my fruit and fibre all over the floor. I was also trying to feed the baby and respond to my toddler... That will teach me for trying to multi-task so early!

I managed to win some ground over lunch time but then got stuck in traffic on the way to the super market thus making us late returning home. In the middle of bathing the boys (at this point they were both in hyper-over-tired mode... Oh yes. This mood does really exist... It's not pretty...) and trying to prepare the evening meal, I managed to knock a whole box of 100's and 1000's all over the floor.

Of course, being the calm and collected human being I am at this moment, I keep it together and just carry on. (No, you don't really want to know what I really said...)

So, yes, as I flump onto the sofa and devour the bowl of ice cream and buttons, I will not feel guilty. I deserve this.

If you've had a rough day, what snacky treat helps to pick you up off the floor?!

Thank goodness the weekend has arrived!

OOOOOH! For Me?!

Oh my goodness...

Read, Write, Blog has its very first blog award! (YAY!!!!)



Ooooooo... Shiny...

  1. Each person must post 11 facts about themselves.
  2. Answer 11 questions the tagger has given you and give 11 questions for the person you tag.
  3. Choose 11 people & link them to your post. (They must have 200 followers or less) 
  4. Tell them you have tagged them.
  5. Remember, no tag backs.

  1. I believe in ghosts... There. I said it...
  2. I mostly dream in colour and keep a dream journal (Tries)
  3. I am the eldest of six kids
  4. My grandad came from Germany (One day, I will travel there)
  5. I am fascinated by history, legend and mythology
  6. I haven't been to many gigs, but I have seen Ozzy Osbourne and Nickleback play. I have also seen comedians Eddie Izzard and Al Murray
  7. My husband proposed to me in a hot air balloon.
  8. I don't wear make-up... I have no time!
  9. I secretly loved cross-country in school. I know. Weird!
  10. Me and the hubby "ran away" to Scotland, Gretna Green, to get married.
  11. I believe everything happens for a reason.

:Joyce's 11 Q's for me:
  1. What is your  favourite book & why? This is far too difficult. There are so many... I am trying to think about a book which especially stood out for me... I always seem to come back to The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett.
  2. What is your  favourite drink? Starbucks, caramel macchiato (Decaf at the moment, I'm still nursing... I dream of the day when I will be able to have real coffee)
  3. What is your favourite quote of all time? My nan had the "Footprints in the Sand" in a frame, I read it as a child and the meaning has always held comfort for me...
  4. Do you have any weird skills? Not really... I sometimes pick things up with my toes if wondering round the house bare foot... But shhhhhhhh...
  5. Who is your favourite Disney characters and why? Genie from Aladdin. He makes me laugh!
  6. Do you LOVE anime? Which one is your favorite? I hang my head, my siblings are into anime, but I haven't caught onto the bug yet...
  7. If you can travel anywhere, where would you go? Jamaica. I don't know why...
  8. Would you ever go to Comic Con? If, yes, who would you dress up as? Probably not, but just as a "what if you did?" It would probably be Storm from X-Men.
  9. Do you like the show "Dog the Bounty Hunter?" I'm not to doing too well with these Q's am I?!
  10. Three things you cannot live without? Family, Music, Books (non serious items, silver jewellery, chocolate and again, books...)
  11. Who is your favourite author? Argh... Another toughie... I can't do it...
:Questions For You:
  1. What did you want to be when you grew up?
  2. Who do you most admire?
  3. Where is your most favourite place to be?
  4. What is your favourite TV show?
  5. Do you believe in guardian angels?
  6. What is your favourite treat?
  7. What are your hobbies?
  8. What is your favourite childhood memory?
  9. If you go to the cinema, what flavour popcorn do you order? If not popcorn, what else?!
  10. Who or what makes you laugh?
  11. Who would you want to see live in concert?!

Tag!!! You're it!
(I mean... The awesome fellow bloggers I would like to nominate...)

Check out these blogs... :-)

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    I know the rules call for 11 tags; I haven't finished this list yet. Those I wanted to nominate either have a "no-tag-please" policy on their blog; or they have over 200+ followers.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Wishing on Wednesday #5

Welcome to my weekly meme - Wishing on Wednesday... Erm... Yep, I know what day is. This post is a little late so please excuse me... I was at the cinema with my sister to see Men in Black 3 yesterday... (What a fiasco, but that's best saved for another rant... *cough* I mean, post) We had loads of laughs and it was great to kick back for the afternoon whilst my hubby and mum-in-law had the cubs.

So, lets get to it it quick before Friday creeps in...

This weeks wish was actually inspired by an advertisment in the cinema. 

"Win a lead role in a Dark Knight mini-movie"

(Of course, me being me, and for the fact my eyes were still adjusting to post removal of  uncomfy 3D glases, I read it as Win a lead role in the movie...)

This week's wish

I wish I was a film star!

Film Strip Clip Art

So you are walking along the street, minding your own business when you are spotted by a talent scout. They approach you and ask you to star in a movie... Which movie and what role are you asked to do?

A: Oooooooooooooooh... tough one... There are so many to choose from, past present and future releases...

I have lots of favourite movies, mostly horror, so if I played a lead role in this type of film, I would have to be some like Alice in Resdient Evil who kicks zombie butt!

On the other end of the scale, I would love to be in a muppets movie! It just looks loads of fun and so well done. HAHAHA! I know, I'm a big kid. Muppet Treasure island is a firm favourite. It makes me laugh every time...

I have heard through the grapevine, that my favourite horror writer, Adam Nevill, might be having his book "Apartment 16" made into a movie. The book is scary s**t. Goodness knows how they will capture and recreate the atmosphere Nevill creates in his book... But I wouldn't mind playing Apryl given half the chance... (It would never work out for me, Apryl is American, I can't do accents!)

If you haven't heard about Apartment 16, here's the blurb taken from Goodreads:
Some doors are better left closed . . . In Barrington House, an upmarket block in London, there is an empty apartment. No one goes in, no one comes out. And it's been that way for fifty years. Until the night watchman hears a disturbance after midnight and investigates. What he experiences is enough to change his life forever. A young American woman, Apryl, arrives at Barrington House. She's been left an apartment by her mysterious Great Aunt Lillian who died in strange circumstances. Rumours claim Lillian was mad. But her diary suggests she was implicated in a horrific and inexplicable event decades ago. Determined to learn something of this eccentric woman, Apryl begins to unravel the hidden story of Barrington House. She discovers that a transforming, evil force still inhabits the building. And the doorway to Apartment 16 is a gateway to something altogether more terrifying . . .

So what movie would you wish to be in?! Happy wishing!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Where I Live - Seasons of Somerset

I totally surprised myself and entered a local poetry competition way back in February. The prize included the printing of your poem onto postcards and vouchers towards a course of your choice... Of course I had dreams of winning it to get myself aboard a writing course; alas the winners have now been chosen (I know, how long ago was the competition dead line?! Sheesh.) and I was unsuccessful.
But I was proud that I gave it a go.

I thought I would share my entry here as a bit of fun (Although I am just slightly nervous - poetry was never my strong point, but here goes... )

The poem's theme was "Somerset"

Seasons of Somerset

Spring rain gently wakes bulbs from slumber,

From cold dark earth flowers venture,

Decorating the land in vibrant colour splendour.

Scent of Daffodil fills the air and warm breezes scatter pink and white blossoms everywhere,

Quantock hills rise up amongst patchwork fields of yellow and green,

Birds of prey glide on the wind.
Quantock Hills

Lazy days in summer sun,

Steam train ride to Minehead beach for family fun,

Ice-cream, games and laughter, sharing a picnic lunch of Cheddar cheese sandwiches washed down with rosy apple cider.

Dunster castle stands proudly over pretty Dunster village,

Sunset over Exmoor hills where ponies graze through the purple heather haze.

Autumn brings majestic colours of red, gold and brown.

Children dream of candy-floss, carrousel's and dare-devil rides as the fair returns to old Bridgwater town.

Tractors bring in the harvest bounty, and as we bid autumn a fond farewell,

In the cold of night we enjoy the world’s largest illuminated carnival

September Fair
Carnival time!

Winter creeps across the land with icy fingers cold and crisp,

Sunrise on the Levels penetrates through the thick of morning mists.

Quiet reflection high upon Glastonbury Torr,

Where panoramic views are awesome,

Down below Christmas cheer and glad tidings bring people together.

The Snowdrops of Snowdrop Valley bravely raise their heads from frozen solid ground,

A first sign and promise that the warmth of spring will come around.
Glastonbury Torr

Seasons come and seasons go,

For every land this is true,

But the seasons of Somerset are most beautiful to me because Somerset is home.

Isn't it amazing what you see when you stop to look...?

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday #6

TMST #6? Really?! ...


If you are new to the blog; Tell Me Something Tuesday is a thought provoking, weekly meme run by the lovely Cambria Hebert.
If you didn't want one before, you do now... ;0)
Cambria posts a question along with her answer. We blog our answers and then leave our link on her original post... This way we can blog hop and find out  a little more about each other. So grab a cuppa, maybe a cookie if you are lucky to have a packet handy (mind the crumbies) and come and join in!
So here is this week's question:

Do you buy books based on the book cover?

A) Although I would like to say that I don't judge a book by it's cover; I will have to admit that when it comes to books, I have may have been swayed once or twice (*cough*)by an alluring book cover...

The purpose of a book cover, is to catch the eye and give a potential audience a clue as to what the book is about.
For example dark colours would indicate maybe a thriller or horror, whilst brighter colours give the impression of a light hearted read. This of course is a VERY generalised, sweeping statement.

I am not only guilty of  picking up books because of their cover, I am also guilty of not picking up a book because of it's cover.

The most recent example of this would be the Morganville series. Shame on me. I wasn't drawn to the covers in my local discount book shop and didn't even bother picking it up to check the back for the blurb. THANK GOODNESS FOR THE WORLD OF BOOK BLOGGERS! I thank you...

I thought I would take a moment to share one of the book covers that has stuck with me. Raymond E.Feist's: Faerie Tale.


I was told to read this around three years a go and even now, I still remember not being able to put it down. I would thoroughly recommend it if you enjoy a chill. A complete twist on fairy tales as you know them.

Blurb (Taken from Goodreads)

The town records have it listed as Erl King Hill, 'Hill of the Elf King'. To the locals it is known simply as the old Kessler Place. A great ramshackle house, it stands among deep woods, full of memories and myth. There are strange stories about the old place: talk of haunted woods, strange lights that dance like fire, buried treasure and lost children, now long forgotten.

But for the Hastings Family, Gloria and Philip, and their eight-year-old twins, Sean and Patrick, and Philip's teenage daughter, Gabrielle, it is the stuff of dreams. They are looking for a fresh start and they think they have found it - until the day Sean and Patrick discover the secret of Fairy Woods and the luminous elfin beings who lure them into an unearthly world of ancient Celtic magic. Suddenly, what was a dream has become a terrifying nightmare. For those entrancing sprites are in reality demons determined to possess the children's very souls!

Sorry about that, I was slipping into book review mode. I only meant to demonstrate the power of book covers and how we select the books we choose to read.

This is not my favourite book cover, but it is one that is difficult to shift from the mind once you have seen it.
The child in the grass, defenceless and unaware of the meanacing, monster/evil towering above him. Sunset in the background and a rising mist in the foreground with a suggestion of fairy beings present...

Are there any book covers that spring to mind for you?!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Weekend Round-Up


It's been a rather busy weekend.
So I thought I would put together a brief ramble in hopes of getting my mind straight for the week ahead.

They grow up too fast.... Way too fast...
The one thing that sticks in my mind over the weekend was something my little lad told me. I just didn't think the day would come as quick!
When OJ was born, I would always cover him in kisses and declare to my hubby that I was getting as many kisses as could as there would come a time when he would tell us that I he didn't like them... I was right about one thing...

Mummy: Gimme a kiss babes
OJ: No
Mummy; Awwwwww... No kisses for mummy?
OJ: I. Don't. Like. kisses.

He's 2 years and 5 months old.


Like I was taking that...
Ha. He was getting as many as I could plant on him.

Write, Write, Write...
I have been working on my second Blog home at Kiddi Corner, and it's slowly coming together...Just adding more reviews etc. I felt bad as I had to give a low rating for a book recently. I hate doing it but then I have to be honest don't I? I just hope the review will be read as fair and balanced.

I have also been struck by inspiration over the weekend and have come up with a new picture book idea. I couldn't write fast enough!


I love the excitement that comes with a new idea.
I have it on paper and now I need to get it typed up. I will then leave it for a week or two (this is sooooooooooo hard for me) and then re-read/re-write, leave it again etc. When I am finally happy (all being well) I will start drafting up a covering letter.
I am dying to share but at this stage I can't... I'm a little protective. I know, why bother writing about it if I won't share it?!


Yeah, but I'm practically bursting so I had to write about it...

An extra snippet of writing news: I follow a blog called Write It Sideways and from time to time Suzannah (blog creator), offers the opportunity for budding authors to have an excerpt of their current work to be critiqued. I  am very excited (and nervous) to have been chosen. Details soon to follow....

Write It Sideways has been a fantastic guide in my writing and a source of great encouragement in my aspirations to become a published author. The writing advice and guest posts are inspirational.
If you have time, click on the link and check it out.

Spending time with the family...
Over the weekend the hubbys dad and step mum came to stay near us;they booked themselves into a holiday park near the sea. It was only 30 minutes away so it was ideal. Our son loved the caravan! So did we. as a gift, his parents have booked us into the same holiday park in August, which coincides with ones birthday. So we are totally blown away and grateful for the gesture.
I was lovely just get out of the house and spend some time with the in-laws. (Yes I mean that! They are fantastic!) We don't see them as often as we would like... But that seeems to be true for allthe family. Never enough hours in the day or days in the week-end!

There was even a little holiday romance for our son. We kept bumping into a family with a little girl the same age as OJ, in the soft play centre on site... They followed each other around and held hands. When it was time to go there was kisses and cuddles. A friendship was formed!

So there it is, our busy weekend...
I think the week ahead seems set for crown making as OJ is into castles and knights thanks to children's programme Mike the Knight...

Is there anything that you are looking forward to this week?

P.S. Thanks for reading my ramble, I feel better now!

I'm the king of the castle...

Friday, 22 June 2012

The Moon and Tide Effect

The moon and tide
an incredible wonder of the world

It starts with a musing

I was thinking..


Creativity and inspiration are rather like the moon and the tide... Inspiration controls creativity.
As a result we must wait for the turn of the cycle. There will be ebbs and flows as each has their time and phase.

Okay. So it sounded more poetic in my head, but it's just my own reflection on my current situation.

I have recently noticed I have stopped writing. I am actually referring to my novel. It's been MONTHS. The story is in my head and I carry it around with me like something precious. In my head I continuously add to it and think about it everyday.The characters are developing all the time. But when it comes to sitting and writing about it,  well, I haven't done so in a very long time... So what am I doing about it? Instead of typing the next exciting chapter, I'm sat blogging about it. I know, I know.. Duh.

Will I ever reach that finishing line?

It appears I have been finding every excuse/filling my writing time with other jobs. It's almost like I'm frightened that I am going to find out that this project is too big. That I am not capable and my dream of becoming a published writer is waaaaaaaaaaay out of my grasp.

So what have I been doing about my writing?

That doesn't mean to say I haven't been working. But it's mostly been about contacting publishers/agents about by picture book manuscripts. (How do you sell your work without sounding like a pompous %ss?! How do you sell something where the competition is so ferocious?)

I guess this must just be the phase my writing is at and I am at the mercy of the ebb and flow of creativity.
Maybe I just need a bit more self discipline as a writer and just get back on track. (Is there such a thing as over thinking something?!)

What about you? Are there current projects that you are waiting for the tide of creativity to carry you forward?!
Sailboat Clip Art
Riding the waves or run aground?

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Wishing on Wednesday #4

Welcome to my weekly "Wishing on Wednesday" meme.

We all do plenty of it; so I thought it would be cool to blog about it.

Please do share your thoughts/leave a link to your own "Wishing on Wednesday" post, would love to hear what you all think...


Okay. Just imagine the Tardis has appeared out of thin air *wharmwhawmwhawm...* (you try imitating the materialisation of the Tardis through words - not easy uh?!)
The Tardis...
5 star time travel

So, you jump in, where do set it to take you?

I wish I could visit the time of...

There are several points in time I wouldn't mind visiting.

Black Sabbath
Th first place I would go, has to be the 70's. Purely so I could see the legendary "Black Sabbath" play..

But then I would also have to visit the 50's and 60's too... I would love to learn the dances... There really is a wonderful feeling in the music of this time. It was being made at a time of real progression and I totally respect that.
Twistin' the night away

Okay, I know the next time is just a romanticised view but the oh, the long dresses, riding horses, knights, castles and princes... medieval times had it all apparently. Might be nice to be a princess for a day... what d'ya reckon?!

So what about you? Where would you go? What would you do? I've only looked at the past - would you rather go and visit the future?

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday #5

Well Hellooooooooooooooooo Tuesday! Is it that time again? Well then. It's time for another TMST...

Tell Me Something Tuesday is a fab meme hosted by Cambria Hebert.

The questions are always fun and thought provoking and it's a great way for us bloggers to get to know one another across the cyber miles.

So here is this weeks question:

Do you think that YA books should have ratings like movies?

This actually came up in another book related conversation I was having with someone else...

She was recommending the Morganville series, and she was trying to explain to me where to find it in our local book shop.

She said I could look for it in  "12+" or "Teen" Or in general YA... By this point I was totally confused. The person in question expressed her distaste that it had been filed under 12+ as there were certain points she did not agree were suitable for the age range.

I guess the most sensible thing to do would be to define what YA fiction actually is...

A definition of 'YA' taken from

Young Adult


a teenager (used especially by publishers and librarians).
a person in the early years of adulthood
So the audience in question are still impressionable and there in lies the responsibility writers and publishers alike. But at the same time, YA fiction has to represent and respect the stage at which these young people are at. If the writing is deemed immature or worse, condescending to the audience, then they simply won't read the work.

Do we really need ratings for YA fiction?!

I think the problem with YA fiction in general is that it covers such a wide age group and as a result, a vast scale of maturity. Everyone matures at different rates so what could pass as suitable literature for one; may be totally off mark for another.

This question is difficult for me to answer. On the one hand, a rating system might be useful but then again, another rating system? Aren't books the one thing that is free from all that kind of restriction?!

The other issue here is that, whether we like it or not, sex, drugs, alcohol are all issues that young adults will come across and have to decide exactly how they will deal with it. Isn't it better that they explore these issues through books?
Books are supposed to be a safe, and free place in which we explore issues and work out what we truly think of them.

But  then the question for writers of YA, is how far can you take a topic that will be a reasonable, responsible and acceptable? Sheesh. Where do you even begin?!

What is your take on this week's question?

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Favourite Places And A Welcome Change

Oh I do love to be beside the seaside;

For weeks now the weather has been poor and I swear this has played havoc with my two year olds' behaviour. He is going through the "terrible twos" (or terrific twos, depending on how you see it in the moment...) and the fact we have had to stop in more then usual has seen him wound up and ready to ricochet off the walls. So today, I bundled the kids into my tiny Corsa and we went to the nearest beach, which for us is only 30 minutes away.

We walked along the sea front (not actually on the beach, too tricky with a buggy), had a Bob the builder ride and finished with an ice cream.

And as an added bonus, though at one stage the clouds looked heavy and ready to pour, it held off and we had a bit of summer sun!

When we all got back, the atmosphere had completely changed... My son was calmer and happier. The house didn't feel like it was buzzing with zingy energy any more. It was a much more positive vibe!.

Maybe we should go again tomorrow?!
How come ice cream is always best by the sea?

Favourite Places

Though it's easy to forget, we are actually quite blessed to be where we live. We are not far from the woods or from a beach; and then there is the reservoir or canal to walk along and the hills that surround us.

Where is your favourite place?

For me, that's easy to answer. The seaside.
Because we're a relatively large family, we didn't travel to many places when I was growing up,and the places we did go weren't very far. The best treat ever was going to the seaside. Even now, as soon as I see the glimmer of the sea my stomach does this tiny, happy hop thing.

I love to sit by the sea and just listen to the waves. It's so therapeutic. I'm not confident about swimming in it, but there is something about splashing about in the water that makes me so happy and giggly. I also think that shell hunting is an in-built function as soon as my feet land on the sand. I can't seem to help it. I have to stop and inspect every interesting shell or pebble that I find.

I often contemplate as to why so many of us find ourselves being drawn to the sea.

As me and my boys strolled along, there were so many people from different walks of life strolling on by.

Old, young, goth, hippy, happy, sullen, community service, and the coolest old dude in roller boots...

Hand on heart, there was the most cheerful, oldest dude in roller boots I have ever witnessed. Who gave as a huge grin and put his thumb up... (I couldn't help but think he really should have been wearing his protective gear though. What if he fell?! Sometimes I really do over-think things!)

Now I have seen it all...

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Time To Read And A New "Do" (Bargain!)

Snip Snip Snip...
Today something, magical and wondrous happened... I felt bit guilty about it, maybe even a little selfish for doing it but I reasoned that it doesn't  happen very often...

I am indeed talking about an opportunity to venture out into the world without my goslings in tow.

Daddy was left in charge (uh-oh) whilst Mummy had a hair appointment. A trim, an auburn hair colouring and my current read. *Bliss.*

My hairdresser doesn't bother asking me if I want a magazine anymore; he just makes sure I have a book with me! He thinks I just go in there to get some extra reading done. LOL. (When/where do you sneak in some extra reading time?!)

So, as I sat in the chair and my stylist went off to mix my colour, I slowly started to relax. In my head, I went through the list of instructions I had left for my husband to follow, (I wasn't convinced he looked altogether confidant as I left...) checked my phone just in case he had text with a desperate plea for my return; and resisted the urge to text him asking if he was doing okay. By the time my stylist reappeared with the colour; I was feeling a little more relaxed and the usual chit-chat began.

I don't know about you; but I have always found the salon to be an interesting place to quietly observe. So many people from different walks of life walk through the door; the conversations, the relationships between staff etc. A thought went through my head today that a salon may make an interesting setting for a story...

You see, just a simple trip out can get the creative juices flowing and make you feel rejuvenated. A new hair-do into the bargain is a recipe for feeling spruced up and ready to take on the world again. (Swishes locks as in L'oreal shampoo advert  - "cos we're worth it!")

 As a parent you often forget that you may need some time out to feel refreshed and ready to carry on; but carving out this precious time can be tricky...
Time out required
I remember the first time I went out without my first born. It was so alien and nerve wracking. It took me such a long time to relax. You have to deal with an assault of feelings such as guilt and worry and whether it is acceptable that you have left your child for an hour or two with somebody else... (Any one else go through that?!)

I have also found that I find it difficult to remember that I am still the person I was before I became pregnant. Being a parent is supposed to be an additional role; not all that you are. So now I am learning (slowly) that it's O.K to find (and enjoy) some me time. I try to do things that I did before I became pregnant, even if it's something simple like painting my nails or listening to a favourite song.

What do you do to to claim back a bit of you time? Even if you are not a parent; what do you do that makes you feel back on track?!
Oh yes, and just so I finish my tale; when I returned home from my adventure out and about, the house was still in one piece and so was my hubby - bless him...

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Wishing on Wednesday #3


Welcome to my weekly Wishing on Wednesday meme (#3) ...
The idea is simple, each week I will post a 'wish' along with my answer. It would be super awesome if you could join in too! Leave your comments or a link to your post so we can check out each others answers.

Please feel free to leave a suggestion for future wish themes too!

Pulling it out of the hat

This weeks wish:

I wish I had more time to.....

I had to set this as the wish for this week as I am always thinking/saying this!

We would all love a little extra time in the day to do the things we want or even need to do, but if a genie was to appear now and grant this wish, what would you use this extra time to do?

If my list was on paper, it would probably unroll a very, very long way! Ha!

I won't go through them all, but I will list my top five things I would do if I had more time...

  • More activities with the kids - I sometimes miss the one-to-one time I used to get with my eldest boy... We used to do a lot more creative activities, the paint and play dough was out a lot more than what it is now. Now the routine is a bit more tight, with all the extra bits I have to do....
  • More time to READ! I am always saying this. I love sinking into a book. Along with a cup of tea and maybe a couple of choccy nibbles and I feel complete...
  • More time to write - Blogging and writing a like. By the time I get to sit down to write and actually get into it, it's the early hours of the morning and I don't produce my best work. I'm stuck in a bit of a vicious circle... (A better routine will help with that!)
  • More time to finish a project - mmm... there are many examples of unfinished projects around the house, but it would be nice to finish my baby blanket project when my youngest is still a baby... *sigh*
  • More time to learn something new - I would love to get back into education... I would especially want to get on a writing course, but also, as a nursery nurse I would love to study child psychology.
 So there we are; I did quite well condensing the mammoth size list into five points... What would you do with some extra time?!

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday #4

Hey guys, sorry this is a bit late; it's been a long, but lovely day - hubby's mums birthday, so been rather busy! So here we go!

Tell Me Something Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Cambria Herbert.
Each week Cambria sets us a Q and we all link up to answer it - it's a fab way to get to know our fellow bloggers;

Here's this weeks' Q:

Let’s talk TV! What are your favourite shows?

T.V? I rarely have time to put my feet up and relax and when I do, my nose is usually in a book! (Just finished reading Glass Houses by Rachel Caine... awesomeness)

If I do share my fav' shows I'm a tad worried that I will slip down the cool-o-meter.. But what the heck, here goes...

Family Guy
The Griffins
Family Guy/American Dad

I am such a kid, and these adult animated shows are fun.

Created by the wonderful and funny Mr Seth Macfarlane; I can't help but love these shows. Sometimes... erm... mostly over-the-top humour and strange characters such as a German inside the body of a fish (Klaus), an alien (Rodger) and a baby that can talk and wants to take over the world (Stewie)...

It's just nice to escape with some outrageous humour and laugh!

American Dad
The Smiths

Come Dine with Me

Food game show I guess is the way to describe it. Each contestant hosts a dinner party over a week and the others give a secret score out of 10, the winner bags a £1000 prize. Made highly entertaining by the voice-over talent of Dave Lamb... Food and fun, great combo.

Cougar Town
When I first unwrapped this at Christmas year before last, I just thought, I have never heard of this and it doesn't look like my "thing"... Oh how I was wrong. It made me laugh soooooooooo much. I found myself saying "Just one more?!" Hubby watches it with me! I am now in the middle of season two.. The characters just work...

Being Human

This should have been on the top of the list... A vampire, a werewolf and a ghost all living together? Perfect TV! This has it all... drama, suspense verging on horror with s good sploosh of comedy. I watched the whole of series 1 and they have shown series 2, but I didn't get to watch them... (blogging, writing, reading etc) but luckily, my husband is pretty thoughtful, and has recorded them for me! Ahhhhh, my hero!
And lastly my guilty pleasure (because I am British, ha!):
I have basically grown up with this as my mum loves it. We would hear the |Eastenders theme tune and knew it was time to be quiet so mum could watch (it also meant the half an hour count down to bed time!)
A soap opera classic.

So there you go, a few of my favourite TV shows... What are yours?!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

A Question Re. The Hunger Games

I was just wondering...

After reading quite a few reviews for this on Goodreads, book blogs, Amazon etc. There was an issue that seemed to be repeatedly questioned.

This was the romance between Katniss and Peeta...
Many reviews (especially those who rate it poorly) said that they "really could have done without it"


This post is not a judgemental view of others, this is me purely wanting to explore this question and wanting to see what my fellow bloggers think of this area/story thread in the book....

A personal Opinion

I hold my hands up.

When it comes to romance in novels and movies a like, it makes me roll my eyes and and think blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! (My sincerest apologies, it's just a general, gut reaction... it depends on individual story -honest)

But with the Hunger Games, I surprised myself at how strongly I felt that this element was important to the story and characters...


I think the romance element was important to Katniss's character as I think that we, the reader, forget she is only 16... and the conditions of her life has meant she hasn't yet explored the possibilities of love. Throughout the story she is guarded, brave and determined Through exploring the idea of falling in love, we see a glimmer of childish innocence in her.

I also think that by adding the romance element, it also maintains and reflects human traits. The need to have companionship, to care and rely upon someone in a difficult situation.

I also think it was important to demonstrate through Katniss what lengths we would go to survive. The whole idea that they should pretend to be in love to win "sponsors" to aid their survival. This in turn leads to Katniss's internal dilemma as to whether she truly knows/understands what she feels for Peeta.

What are your thoughts?

When you were reading the book, what were your thoughts? Was the romance element needed? Did it support the story or did it not fit at all?
Were there any other elements to the story that stood out for you?