Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Where I Live - Seasons of Somerset

I totally surprised myself and entered a local poetry competition way back in February. The prize included the printing of your poem onto postcards and vouchers towards a course of your choice... Of course I had dreams of winning it to get myself aboard a writing course; alas the winners have now been chosen (I know, how long ago was the competition dead line?! Sheesh.) and I was unsuccessful.
But I was proud that I gave it a go.

I thought I would share my entry here as a bit of fun (Although I am just slightly nervous - poetry was never my strong point, but here goes... )

The poem's theme was "Somerset"

Seasons of Somerset

Spring rain gently wakes bulbs from slumber,

From cold dark earth flowers venture,

Decorating the land in vibrant colour splendour.

Scent of Daffodil fills the air and warm breezes scatter pink and white blossoms everywhere,

Quantock hills rise up amongst patchwork fields of yellow and green,

Birds of prey glide on the wind.
Quantock Hills

Lazy days in summer sun,

Steam train ride to Minehead beach for family fun,

Ice-cream, games and laughter, sharing a picnic lunch of Cheddar cheese sandwiches washed down with rosy apple cider.

Dunster castle stands proudly over pretty Dunster village,

Sunset over Exmoor hills where ponies graze through the purple heather haze.

Autumn brings majestic colours of red, gold and brown.

Children dream of candy-floss, carrousel's and dare-devil rides as the fair returns to old Bridgwater town.

Tractors bring in the harvest bounty, and as we bid autumn a fond farewell,

In the cold of night we enjoy the world’s largest illuminated carnival

September Fair
Carnival time!

Winter creeps across the land with icy fingers cold and crisp,

Sunrise on the Levels penetrates through the thick of morning mists.

Quiet reflection high upon Glastonbury Torr,

Where panoramic views are awesome,

Down below Christmas cheer and glad tidings bring people together.

The Snowdrops of Snowdrop Valley bravely raise their heads from frozen solid ground,

A first sign and promise that the warmth of spring will come around.
Glastonbury Torr

Seasons come and seasons go,

For every land this is true,

But the seasons of Somerset are most beautiful to me because Somerset is home.

Isn't it amazing what you see when you stop to look...?

Thank you for reading!

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