Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Favourite Places And A Welcome Change

Oh I do love to be beside the seaside;

For weeks now the weather has been poor and I swear this has played havoc with my two year olds' behaviour. He is going through the "terrible twos" (or terrific twos, depending on how you see it in the moment...) and the fact we have had to stop in more then usual has seen him wound up and ready to ricochet off the walls. So today, I bundled the kids into my tiny Corsa and we went to the nearest beach, which for us is only 30 minutes away.

We walked along the sea front (not actually on the beach, too tricky with a buggy), had a Bob the builder ride and finished with an ice cream.

And as an added bonus, though at one stage the clouds looked heavy and ready to pour, it held off and we had a bit of summer sun!

When we all got back, the atmosphere had completely changed... My son was calmer and happier. The house didn't feel like it was buzzing with zingy energy any more. It was a much more positive vibe!.

Maybe we should go again tomorrow?!
How come ice cream is always best by the sea?

Favourite Places

Though it's easy to forget, we are actually quite blessed to be where we live. We are not far from the woods or from a beach; and then there is the reservoir or canal to walk along and the hills that surround us.

Where is your favourite place?

For me, that's easy to answer. The seaside.
Because we're a relatively large family, we didn't travel to many places when I was growing up,and the places we did go weren't very far. The best treat ever was going to the seaside. Even now, as soon as I see the glimmer of the sea my stomach does this tiny, happy hop thing.

I love to sit by the sea and just listen to the waves. It's so therapeutic. I'm not confident about swimming in it, but there is something about splashing about in the water that makes me so happy and giggly. I also think that shell hunting is an in-built function as soon as my feet land on the sand. I can't seem to help it. I have to stop and inspect every interesting shell or pebble that I find.

I often contemplate as to why so many of us find ourselves being drawn to the sea.

As me and my boys strolled along, there were so many people from different walks of life strolling on by.

Old, young, goth, hippy, happy, sullen, community service, and the coolest old dude in roller boots...

Hand on heart, there was the most cheerful, oldest dude in roller boots I have ever witnessed. Who gave as a huge grin and put his thumb up... (I couldn't help but think he really should have been wearing his protective gear though. What if he fell?! Sometimes I really do over-think things!)

Now I have seen it all...

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