Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Wishing on Wednesday #4

Welcome to my weekly "Wishing on Wednesday" meme.

We all do plenty of it; so I thought it would be cool to blog about it.

Please do share your thoughts/leave a link to your own "Wishing on Wednesday" post, would love to hear what you all think...


Okay. Just imagine the Tardis has appeared out of thin air *wharmwhawmwhawm...* (you try imitating the materialisation of the Tardis through words - not easy uh?!)
The Tardis...
5 star time travel

So, you jump in, where do set it to take you?

I wish I could visit the time of...

There are several points in time I wouldn't mind visiting.

Black Sabbath
Th first place I would go, has to be the 70's. Purely so I could see the legendary "Black Sabbath" play..

But then I would also have to visit the 50's and 60's too... I would love to learn the dances... There really is a wonderful feeling in the music of this time. It was being made at a time of real progression and I totally respect that.
Twistin' the night away

Okay, I know the next time is just a romanticised view but the oh, the long dresses, riding horses, knights, castles and princes... medieval times had it all apparently. Might be nice to be a princess for a day... what d'ya reckon?!

So what about you? Where would you go? What would you do? I've only looked at the past - would you rather go and visit the future?


  1. I am right there with you in wishing to see Black Sabbath. That would have been the ultimate!!


  2. Hi Kathy!

    So pleased you popped over...

    I am a huge Black Sabbath fan... I have not come across another sound like them. :-)

    P.S. Thank you for choosing to follow too. When I first started out in December, I was unsure as to if anyone would find my blog of interest... But through blogging I have met some awesome people, learnt a huge amount and found some very enjoyable blogs; so a big THANK YOU to everyone! ;-)