Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Jubilee Dreams

Proud to be British

Hi there folks!

Here in the UK the Queens Dianond Jubilee celebrations are in  full swing (60 years of reign is something to celebrate!) - there are absolutely loads of events across the country, and there is a real party mood!

Typical British weather hasn't managed to put a dampener on things either!

Home here on our little patch; we are thoroughly enjoying the holiday so a big thank you to Her Majesty!

On Saturday, we went to a family fun day held at a local park.

There was face paining, a jazz/swing band on the bandstand, tug-of-war, games, raffles... but there were two things that really made my little boys day... O.K... three including the ice-cream van my husband insisted on visiting, much to my son's delight!

The first thing was that not one, but two fire engines pulled up and he was one of the first kiddies to explore them. He even got to wear a fire fighter's yellow helmet.
What I admired about the boys in blue (no sniggers please, not that kind of admire! LOL) was that they really got talking to the kids and that they were doing it for nothing... You could feel that my son was bubbling with excitement. (Fireman Sam is the newest craze in our household at the moment... I wonder if Postman Pat feels a replaced?!)
It was admirable that these guys gave up their time to spend it with the children.

The second thing was that in the park they have a miniature railway track running around the the outskirts of the children's play area and they were giving rides on these wonderful miniature trains! It was surprising how fast these little replicas could go... though they had to stop when an inquisitive grey squirrel sat on the tracks and refused to budge... HA! Fifty pence please mate!

We all had a lovely time together and it was a fantastic atmosphere.

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