Sunday, 10 June 2012

A Question Re. The Hunger Games

I was just wondering...

After reading quite a few reviews for this on Goodreads, book blogs, Amazon etc. There was an issue that seemed to be repeatedly questioned.

This was the romance between Katniss and Peeta...
Many reviews (especially those who rate it poorly) said that they "really could have done without it"


This post is not a judgemental view of others, this is me purely wanting to explore this question and wanting to see what my fellow bloggers think of this area/story thread in the book....

A personal Opinion

I hold my hands up.

When it comes to romance in novels and movies a like, it makes me roll my eyes and and think blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! (My sincerest apologies, it's just a general, gut reaction... it depends on individual story -honest)

But with the Hunger Games, I surprised myself at how strongly I felt that this element was important to the story and characters...


I think the romance element was important to Katniss's character as I think that we, the reader, forget she is only 16... and the conditions of her life has meant she hasn't yet explored the possibilities of love. Throughout the story she is guarded, brave and determined Through exploring the idea of falling in love, we see a glimmer of childish innocence in her.

I also think that by adding the romance element, it also maintains and reflects human traits. The need to have companionship, to care and rely upon someone in a difficult situation.

I also think it was important to demonstrate through Katniss what lengths we would go to survive. The whole idea that they should pretend to be in love to win "sponsors" to aid their survival. This in turn leads to Katniss's internal dilemma as to whether she truly knows/understands what she feels for Peeta.

What are your thoughts?

When you were reading the book, what were your thoughts? Was the romance element needed? Did it support the story or did it not fit at all?
Were there any other elements to the story that stood out for you?


  1. Personally, I love a little added romance (this is coming from a bias romance writer…LOL). I absolutely agree that there needed to be romance in the Hunger Games. The premises it so cruel I think it was important to have that human element. As you mentioned, the author used the “love” theme as the reason they won.

    1. Hi Aris!

      Thank yooooooou!
      You have summed it up better than me! I knew what I was trying to get at :-)

      The Hunger Games really picks apart humanity and survival.
      Thought provoking...