Friday, 22 June 2012

The Moon and Tide Effect

The moon and tide
an incredible wonder of the world

It starts with a musing

I was thinking..


Creativity and inspiration are rather like the moon and the tide... Inspiration controls creativity.
As a result we must wait for the turn of the cycle. There will be ebbs and flows as each has their time and phase.

Okay. So it sounded more poetic in my head, but it's just my own reflection on my current situation.

I have recently noticed I have stopped writing. I am actually referring to my novel. It's been MONTHS. The story is in my head and I carry it around with me like something precious. In my head I continuously add to it and think about it everyday.The characters are developing all the time. But when it comes to sitting and writing about it,  well, I haven't done so in a very long time... So what am I doing about it? Instead of typing the next exciting chapter, I'm sat blogging about it. I know, I know.. Duh.

Will I ever reach that finishing line?

It appears I have been finding every excuse/filling my writing time with other jobs. It's almost like I'm frightened that I am going to find out that this project is too big. That I am not capable and my dream of becoming a published writer is waaaaaaaaaaay out of my grasp.

So what have I been doing about my writing?

That doesn't mean to say I haven't been working. But it's mostly been about contacting publishers/agents about by picture book manuscripts. (How do you sell your work without sounding like a pompous %ss?! How do you sell something where the competition is so ferocious?)

I guess this must just be the phase my writing is at and I am at the mercy of the ebb and flow of creativity.
Maybe I just need a bit more self discipline as a writer and just get back on track. (Is there such a thing as over thinking something?!)

What about you? Are there current projects that you are waiting for the tide of creativity to carry you forward?!
Sailboat Clip Art
Riding the waves or run aground?


  1. I know how it is! I'm working on my current novel's edits, and at the same time...I'm also considering another. So I'm at a balance point right now. My new idea will take a TON of research and right now I'm not too certain where that story will be told. I know the story, but I don't know THE story, you know?

    So I'm waiting for the moon to be just right now. ;)

    1. Hi Nicole!

      Oh, I know what you mean... :-) But just go with the new idea. From what I have read and understood, sometimes these are where the best novels start. Just take it slow and see how it grows. ;-)

      I think I just need to stay a bit more focused, but then snippits of ideas sneak in when I am not looking and tempt me down another road...

      Huge congrats on getting to your current novel's edits; hope all goes to plan for you!

      P.S. Welcome to my humble blog. x