Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Wishing on Wednesday #3


Welcome to my weekly Wishing on Wednesday meme (#3) ...
The idea is simple, each week I will post a 'wish' along with my answer. It would be super awesome if you could join in too! Leave your comments or a link to your post so we can check out each others answers.

Please feel free to leave a suggestion for future wish themes too!

Pulling it out of the hat

This weeks wish:

I wish I had more time to.....

I had to set this as the wish for this week as I am always thinking/saying this!

We would all love a little extra time in the day to do the things we want or even need to do, but if a genie was to appear now and grant this wish, what would you use this extra time to do?

If my list was on paper, it would probably unroll a very, very long way! Ha!

I won't go through them all, but I will list my top five things I would do if I had more time...

  • More activities with the kids - I sometimes miss the one-to-one time I used to get with my eldest boy... We used to do a lot more creative activities, the paint and play dough was out a lot more than what it is now. Now the routine is a bit more tight, with all the extra bits I have to do....
  • More time to READ! I am always saying this. I love sinking into a book. Along with a cup of tea and maybe a couple of choccy nibbles and I feel complete...
  • More time to write - Blogging and writing a like. By the time I get to sit down to write and actually get into it, it's the early hours of the morning and I don't produce my best work. I'm stuck in a bit of a vicious circle... (A better routine will help with that!)
  • More time to finish a project - mmm... there are many examples of unfinished projects around the house, but it would be nice to finish my baby blanket project when my youngest is still a baby... *sigh*
  • More time to learn something new - I would love to get back into education... I would especially want to get on a writing course, but also, as a nursery nurse I would love to study child psychology.
 So there we are; I did quite well condensing the mammoth size list into five points... What would you do with some extra time?!

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!


  1. I would love more time as well. With my summer internship and the like I have absolutely NO time for doing nothing and just lazing around. My day is packed. I wish I had more time to read and write though I'm glad I've managed to make time to get read at least a little everyday!!

    Great post. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm following your blog back <3 Looking forward to your future reviews!!

    1. Hi Ajoop! Thank you so much and welcome to my little corner...

      You sound crazy busy.. I guess the free moments you get are even more precious because of it. Reading is such a great way to claim some time for yourself. :-)

      Wishing you losts of peaceful moments inbetween! <3