Sunday, 3 June 2012


Well, do ya?!

Hmmm, luck.. there never seems to be enough of the stuff.

My dad, bless him, religiously does the Saturday lottery every week and hasn't come close to winning it.. "you gotta be in it to win it.." he chuckles as he selects his numbers and hands over his pound... (If he does win it, I'm still gonna make him buy me that pony he promised when I was about 9... "Where would it live?" He asked after I made him promise. That was simple I told him. In the shed. All we would have to do is cut the shed door in two; then it would be converted into a stable. Obviously...)


A little bit of luck

What is luck? Do we make our own luck and why are some luckier then others? How do we measure the stuff?
If I was to look at my own luck, I would say I haven't got a lot of it. I never win any of the competitions I enter and I'm the type of person who buys something the day before it goes on sale or the type who "comes so close but not close enough"...

Is it possible to increase ones luck? What would I have to do? Find a four leaf clover? Carry a horseshoe or rabbit's foot with me? (Gross... can I not just have the whole bunny as a pet? Wouldn't that be more lucky?!)

Am I looking at luck in the wrong way?

Initially when I think about luck it somehow makes me think about the areas where I am not lucky and how I wish I could have more of it. Especially when it comes to things like submitting my work to a publisher or agent. (I often wonder that if I was a bit more lucky, then maybe my manuscript would land somewhere at the right place at the right time... ) Or how I could really do with a bit more luck financially... how that would make us more comfortable etc.

It's time that  I see the luck that I do have:
  • a healthy, happy family (my best bit of "luck" which I say thank you for every day)
  • a supportive husband who encourages me to follow my writing dream
  • a roof over our head and we manage day-to-day...
  • friends that can be counted on

So, on reflection, is luck more about how you see it and acknowledge it?

But I'm still wearing my lucky Pegasus... just in case...

Have you got a "lucky" item and how would you describe your luck?!


  1. Totally agree with you- I'm "unlucky" when it comes to competitions and lotteries and things, but I consider myself one of the luckiest people when it comes to my 'lot' in life... Wonderful family, house, good health etc... So we ate actually very lucky I guess!

    1. Hi Hilary!
      Thanks for stopping by my blog, I really enjoy reading yours! It is very down to earth and honest. I hope things are going a little better and you and family are getting more kip!I guess we are more lucky than we think and should be counting our blessings... See what we have rather than what we don't. (But we can dream right?!)