Sunday, 17 June 2012

Time To Read And A New "Do" (Bargain!)

Snip Snip Snip...
Today something, magical and wondrous happened... I felt bit guilty about it, maybe even a little selfish for doing it but I reasoned that it doesn't  happen very often...

I am indeed talking about an opportunity to venture out into the world without my goslings in tow.

Daddy was left in charge (uh-oh) whilst Mummy had a hair appointment. A trim, an auburn hair colouring and my current read. *Bliss.*

My hairdresser doesn't bother asking me if I want a magazine anymore; he just makes sure I have a book with me! He thinks I just go in there to get some extra reading done. LOL. (When/where do you sneak in some extra reading time?!)

So, as I sat in the chair and my stylist went off to mix my colour, I slowly started to relax. In my head, I went through the list of instructions I had left for my husband to follow, (I wasn't convinced he looked altogether confidant as I left...) checked my phone just in case he had text with a desperate plea for my return; and resisted the urge to text him asking if he was doing okay. By the time my stylist reappeared with the colour; I was feeling a little more relaxed and the usual chit-chat began.

I don't know about you; but I have always found the salon to be an interesting place to quietly observe. So many people from different walks of life walk through the door; the conversations, the relationships between staff etc. A thought went through my head today that a salon may make an interesting setting for a story...

You see, just a simple trip out can get the creative juices flowing and make you feel rejuvenated. A new hair-do into the bargain is a recipe for feeling spruced up and ready to take on the world again. (Swishes locks as in L'oreal shampoo advert  - "cos we're worth it!")

 As a parent you often forget that you may need some time out to feel refreshed and ready to carry on; but carving out this precious time can be tricky...
Time out required
I remember the first time I went out without my first born. It was so alien and nerve wracking. It took me such a long time to relax. You have to deal with an assault of feelings such as guilt and worry and whether it is acceptable that you have left your child for an hour or two with somebody else... (Any one else go through that?!)

I have also found that I find it difficult to remember that I am still the person I was before I became pregnant. Being a parent is supposed to be an additional role; not all that you are. So now I am learning (slowly) that it's O.K to find (and enjoy) some me time. I try to do things that I did before I became pregnant, even if it's something simple like painting my nails or listening to a favourite song.

What do you do to to claim back a bit of you time? Even if you are not a parent; what do you do that makes you feel back on track?!
Oh yes, and just so I finish my tale; when I returned home from my adventure out and about, the house was still in one piece and so was my hubby - bless him...


  1. Great post! Agree that it's very very important to take some time out! For me (I'm not a parent but) watching sitcoms/book shopping/coffee with a long lost friends makes me feel REALLY nice and it definitely helps me unwind after a stressful week.

    1. I love book shopping/browsing.. Can be difficult when little hands just want to pull everthing off the shelves though... These are great unwinding activities. We all need time out; it helps us funtion at our best :-)