About the Blogger



Where to start?
I'll try and keep this brief...

I'm a mother, wife and nursery nurse. I enjoy a wide range of music, read horror novels, can just about knit a scarf and I am intrigued by dreams and the supernatural.

Like everyone else I am busy, there is barely time to take five minutes out. However; when the day turns to night, the kids are settled down and tucked up in their beds (and when I think no-one is looking) I write.

I write children's picture books and I am developing ideas for a novel. My long term plan (very long term plan) is to be published one day.

Isn't everyone? I hear you ask.

I can dream... I have a very vivid imagination...

The Blog

I'm not entirely sure if I'm any good at the writing thing but the aims behind this blog are:
  1. to create a space where I can develop my writing,
  2. review books that I have read and
  3. have a general space to blog what's on my mind...

All this whilst trying to be interesting and maintain a readers attention?! Achievable? I wonder...
I can't deny that I also hope that people will find this blog interesting enough to follow and share it with others.Maybe you are on the same kind of writing journey? If I am additionally lucky; you may feel inspired enough to leave comments on the pieces of creative writing that I post.

My Writing Story

Like most writers, my story starts with my love of books from a very early age. My earliest memories include being desperate to be able to read and write independently, listening to my playgroup leader read: The Very Hungry Caterpillar, begging my father to read Peter Rabbit (just one last time?!) and, copying out stories that I enjoyed most. This lead to writing stories that revolved around our soft toys and sharing them with my siblings.
Soon things went quiet with writing but my passion for books never did. It would drive my mum crazy and she would often be heard yelling "Get your head out of that book, your food is on the table" etc.
My teachers would often comment on my creative writing. One teacher in secondary school said my creative writing was excellent and that I could be a writer... but I never thought of myself as being able to achieve it.
I spent my time and energy focusing on a career in child care
It would take the birth of my first child to reignite my interest  in writing. I can't explain why, but it triggered the memories of writing and what I wanted to achieve in life. I  also think it's the need to set an example for my children to follow. I can't very well tell them to follow their dreams, work hard and keep trying if I can't demonstrate it myself!
So far I have written many picture book stories and continue to approach agents and publishers. I was pleased to receive encouragement from one agent but the finding of an agent/ the publishing thing is yet to happen for me. In the meantime I'm creating this blog, writing for Suite 101 (when I feel I might have something useful to share) and researching  for a novel I have in mind.

Please feel free to leave comments,ask questions and follow my story.

Happy reading and thanks for taking the time.


  1. Hey, I tagged you for Liebster. I see now that you already have it, but I wanted to let people know you are awesome! http://www.breatheinbooks.blogspot.com/2012/07/liebster-blog-award.html

  2. Thank you so much Krista!

    Such a lovely surpise!

    (I am speechless ;0) and feeling pretty awesome too, ha!)

    1. *Oopsies - Technical glitch* That should read "Such a lovely surprise"