Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday #4

Hey guys, sorry this is a bit late; it's been a long, but lovely day - hubby's mums birthday, so been rather busy! So here we go!

Tell Me Something Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Cambria Herbert.
Each week Cambria sets us a Q and we all link up to answer it - it's a fab way to get to know our fellow bloggers;

Here's this weeks' Q:

Let’s talk TV! What are your favourite shows?

T.V? I rarely have time to put my feet up and relax and when I do, my nose is usually in a book! (Just finished reading Glass Houses by Rachel Caine... awesomeness)

If I do share my fav' shows I'm a tad worried that I will slip down the cool-o-meter.. But what the heck, here goes...

Family Guy
The Griffins
Family Guy/American Dad

I am such a kid, and these adult animated shows are fun.

Created by the wonderful and funny Mr Seth Macfarlane; I can't help but love these shows. Sometimes... erm... mostly over-the-top humour and strange characters such as a German inside the body of a fish (Klaus), an alien (Rodger) and a baby that can talk and wants to take over the world (Stewie)...

It's just nice to escape with some outrageous humour and laugh!

American Dad
The Smiths

Come Dine with Me

Food game show I guess is the way to describe it. Each contestant hosts a dinner party over a week and the others give a secret score out of 10, the winner bags a £1000 prize. Made highly entertaining by the voice-over talent of Dave Lamb... Food and fun, great combo.

Cougar Town
When I first unwrapped this at Christmas year before last, I just thought, I have never heard of this and it doesn't look like my "thing"... Oh how I was wrong. It made me laugh soooooooooo much. I found myself saying "Just one more?!" Hubby watches it with me! I am now in the middle of season two.. The characters just work...

Being Human

This should have been on the top of the list... A vampire, a werewolf and a ghost all living together? Perfect TV! This has it all... drama, suspense verging on horror with s good sploosh of comedy. I watched the whole of series 1 and they have shown series 2, but I didn't get to watch them... (blogging, writing, reading etc) but luckily, my husband is pretty thoughtful, and has recorded them for me! Ahhhhh, my hero!
And lastly my guilty pleasure (because I am British, ha!):
I have basically grown up with this as my mum loves it. We would hear the |Eastenders theme tune and knew it was time to be quiet so mum could watch (it also meant the half an hour count down to bed time!)
A soap opera classic.

So there you go, a few of my favourite TV shows... What are yours?!

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. Now how can you have family guy and American Dad and not the Simpsons which started it all? I have actually heard of East Enders but have not seen it! and I am wondering about the show with the ghost and werewolf and vamp sounds way cool but is it a British show or am I just ignorant? I love your cute little blog here and am enjoying getting to know you a bit better each week :)

    1. It was only when I scooted over to your blog after posting this that I thought... THE SIMPSONS! How could I forget that??! *shame* It totally paved the way for more adult animated shows...
      Being human is indeed a British show, shown on BBC Three... I absolutely adored the first series and really need to catch up.... (they are up to series four I think...) But it is set in Bristol, not too far away from where I am. :-)
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LT0zjvDg5tc (A link to episode one for you, only if interested!)

      Thank you so much for your kind comment, "Rainy Day Ramblings" rocks too! :-)

  2. GReat List!!!! I admit I don't watch Family Guy but some of your other shows looks great! I have always wanted to watch Being Human and I always forget about it!!! No fair! But it looks awesome!
    I haven't seen Cougar Town but it looks hilarious!
    I have never heard of Come Done with Me but it sounds like something I would watch too.
    Great picks! Happy Tuesday!

    1. Thanks Cambria!

      I really think you would dig Being Human :-)

      Loving TMST!

      Hope you had a groovy Tuesday!

  3. My absolute favorite shows are "Friends" and "Gilmore Girls". My husband and I just finished through the series "30 rock" and loved it. Now we are resuming our journey through HIS favorite show, "The West Wing".

    1. I loved friends, that's why I was given Cougar Town to watch. Courtney Cox is hilarious in this!

      My hubby likes Boston Legal, so I sit and watch it with him. It's great to still share some of each others favourite things!

  4. I must give Cougar Town a try! It sounds like fun. Great post :)

    1. It's one of those; I'll just watch one more episode kinda shows... You'll have to let me know what you think! ;-)