Monday, 8 October 2012

Snapshot Week

It's been a week where I have focused on the wrong things. That is, I have caught myself being rather negative. This is the offending phrase:

"But I don't have enough time to..."

  • read- I don't know about you, but one of my most favourite and comforting places to read is snuggled in bed. So, after a hard day at work (I won't go into it, it was just he said, she said cr*p) I snuggled down under the duvet with my Kindle. Hubby kindly offered to make tea, by the time he came back up with it he found me asleep... on my kindle!
  • write - When you are that tired, you can't even squeeze a drop of inspiration from the brain...
  • blog - Because I haven't had time to read, I couldn't even finish a book to review... Rather disappointing...
As I sat down to write tonight, I could feel the Sunday night blues creeping in and I didn't want to do that to my readers yet again. I thought that instead, I would share some fun events of the week, things I'm looking forward to and things that have just stuck in the mind...

"Baby Brain" Moments

One of the things I was warned about when I had my boys was that I was going to have more "baby-brain" moments, that is, forgetfulness. I'm sure I have read debates as to whether or not this is proven, but it stands to reason that as a mum, you have so much more to think about and get done, that you are naturally going to forget more.

I have noticed that since returning to work, I have more "funny moments" and they have made me laugh at myself. (Like, no way did I just do that?!) This morning for instance. I learnt that trying to get too many jobs done at once can result in some silly happenings. Whilst getting the washing and breakfast done, I went to put the detergent bottle in the fridge!
I also seem to find myself upstairs wondering what it is that I have gone up there for!

I was just wondering if any other mums have any funny baby-brain moments they would like to share?

Thinks by bitterjug - Thought cloud from the facilitation set

Brotherly Love
When the chips are down, I can count on one thing. My boys will melt my heart and remind me why life is such a blessing.
I don't use TV as a back up very often, but one particularly hectic afternoon, I decided that an episode of Thomas the Tank would be Okay. (Goodness knows what was going on, I probably had to preform an emergency hoover or something!) Anyhoo, the theme tune came on and baby Z crawled up to OJ, and using the TV stand, pulled himself to stand next to him. Whilst OJ was singing, baby Z started  to sway and bop along! Oh my word. I was nearly in tears! It was just so, so cute!
OJ can find his little brothers presence somewhat irritating but just lately he has been a sweetie pie... Hmm... Most of the time...

Ice cream
We have been looking at the family's diet and are very careful about treats. We aim to cut the snacking through the week but choose a nice treat to have at the weekend. Hubby brought back some ice cream from he supermarket for this week's treat.
It was Heaven in a tub... Peanut Butter Crunch. Wow. Whoever put that together is a genius.

There are two celebrations I am looking forward to this month. The first is baby Z's 1st birthday. I know every parent must say it, but WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?! And I swear that the first year passes even more quickly with the second child. I am both excited and a little saddened. I'm a little unsure as to why I am saddened by reaching this amazing milestone..
It's going to be  quiet affair. I will get some decorations up and bake his cake; but we shall see what the day brings!

The second is Halloween... (Or Samhain) I love this time of the year. There is something almost magical about it. I celebrate each year by lighting a candle in honour of those that are not with us now. It's just a nice opportunity to reflect. This year however, I plan on making a bit more of a celebration out of it. I have bought a few decorations, plan to buy a pumpkin and have got some costumes (not scary) for the boys.

I also hope to review a scary book or two during this month and to write a post... Fingers crossed!

Aren't these the cutest? Baby Z has a little pumpkin costume to with these booties...
Yep. I'm in trouble when he's old enough to look back at the photos...


Fish Update
Yes folks. Those who read the earlier post would have read that we have a pet fish thanks to the fair and despite my worry of having to explain about fishy heaven to OJ, Bubbles the fish is alive and well. I am also considering getting the little fellow a "proper" tank with a pump.. He's moving on up in his little fishy world...

The Perils of Running
I promise, this is the last thing to share...

I've been back at work for two weeks and I have only been able to run at the weekends. Operation "Lose the baby weight" has slowed down somewhat as a result. Though a little disappointed, I still recognise that to keep it going for this long is an achievement in itself. I have set further goals and find these are good motivation for getting warmed up, jogging between 12-17 minutes and then feeling like I'm about to have a cardiac arrest for my troubles. I have promised myself a new pair of trainers if I hit my first target weight and a new pair of jeans for reaching the second. I would also like to achieve this before Christmas.... Realistic? Hmmm.

I would like to point out that running is a dangerous kind of pastime. So far I have nearly been run down by a cyclist, nearly ended up on my a$$ by an assassin slug and today, I was attacked by a great, hulking, wet faced dog who wanted to play... Sheesh. If only I had room for a running machine... Nah. I would probably do something stupid and break the machine... or myself!

Assassin Slugs
Slippery booby-traps

Whatever you guys are up to,have a fab week!
~Thanks for reading!~

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