Friday, 23 March 2012

Cosmic Ordering

Interesting Theory...

I hold my hands up. I am very intrigued and open minded when it comes to spiritual ideas and ways of thinking. I was very interested this week when I picked up one of my favourite mags and there was a section dedicated to the topic of "Cosmic Ordering."


Order up!

The idea is that you use the power of positive thinking, and you ask the universe for what you want in your life. The key thing to remember is to be specific and ask for what you want clearly. For example, if you ask for a new love in your life; you may end up with a new pet that you adore rather than the life partner that you desire...

It's that simple, you ask the universe and then sit back and wait for delivery whilst keeping all negative thoughts at bay. According to some sources (I have been investigating; naturally!) it's down to our subconscious minds holding us back and it's just a case of retraining the mind to believe and accept that we can have better... other sources then go on to say that I could get three discs for £19.99 to retrain the mind... *Blah blah yawn* and I switch off and think yeah right...

Here come the niggles of scepticism. Surely if it was that easy to ask the universe for what we need then we would all be happy little bunnies??!

After reading the article however, I felt very uplifted and thought I would give it a go. Of course I am asking the universe to make me a successful, published author and soon please!

I would be very interested if anyone has any stories to share and whether cosmic ordering worked for them?!

In the mean time I will be working as hard as ever on my writing to be published dream, and if I happen to get a little help from the universe in the mean time than I shall feel very grateful!

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