Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Woman in Black - Book to Film

Movie or book?
Do you prefer the book version of a story to the film; or vice-versa?!

I absolutely love horror, in film or book form. When "The Woman in Black" was being advertised; I was drawn in  by the trailer and instantly thought: Gotta see that! But when I discovered it was actually based on a short story by Susan Hill, I thought; I'm going to read her version first... And there it is. On my bedside table waiting for me to have another stab at it...

I admit that I am finding this book hard to get into. I must have read the first few pages over and over again. Truth is; I can't seem to find my rhythm in the authors style of writing. It's like there are too many commas and they seem to be in awkward places, only to result in my losing the thread again. But I am a stubborn reader. I have to finish this book before I allow myself to watch the movie... Shouldn't be too difficult right? It's only a short story after all...

I tend to prefer the book version to the movie. For example, I was disappointed with several movies based on books, "Kiss the Girls" by James Patterson amongst many... but then I wonder if I'm too critical. After all, a movie is more of a interpretation than a remake of a story. I'm too quick to write off a movie if it doesn't follow the book or if it fails to explore certain elements more thoroughly. (Tough crowd?!)

But then I think, if movie makers are going to take on a book, then at least respect the story and do it justice.

What are your thoughts? Book or movie? Which movies have been successful; and which ones should have just left well alone? Are there any books that you feel should be made into movies?!

Watch out for my review of  "The Woman in Black" coming soon! (Hopefully...)

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