Friday, 24 February 2012

E Petition For More Midwives in England

Wanting to make a difference...

I don't usually post things like this; but this is close to my heart. It was in my inbox sent by Bounty (

After having two children in Somerset, England I was absolutely disgusted with the volume of women each of my midwives had on their books...

The care both these women gave and the rest of the team was incredible considering the pressure. In a discussion with my midwife in my second pregnancy; I couldn't help but ask why she had such a large number of women under her care.
Her reply was, "We need more midwives and there are lots of newly qualified midwives waiting in the wing but the government just won't employ them because of cuts"

It seems to be a running story...

Better care in  pregnancy will come with the recruitment of more midwives, so if you have five minutes please go to: and sign the petition.

Thank you!

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