Thursday, 2 February 2012

Hello February!

Well. well... February snuck on in there!
I've been out and about looking for the signs of Spring with my children. I was also delighted to find that two of my snowdrops have emerged.

I've kicked off my "Bloggin' February" page with "8 things to do in February"; continuing from my 10 things to do in January... I confess, I tried to think of 10 for this month but I failed. Can you help me out?!

What I Am Up To This Month
  • Writing a short story for a competition. (It was supposed to be a story for my "What I'm Writing" page but then it developed so much that I thought I would enter it in the comp, I will write something fresh for page!)
  • Writing a poem for local competition ( I NEVER write poetry... I'm absolutely useless. But it's a chance to flex the creative muscles... why not?!)
  • Collecting ideas for the blog (as usual)
  • "Constructing" cover letters to send with submissions to agents/publishers
  • Finishing Adam Neville's The Ritual so I can write and post a review on my "What I'm Reading" page.
Hope February is a good one!

Below are a few pictures of the early signs of Spring that we collected.

Two perfect Snowdrops...

First green shoots, Probably soon to be Daffodils.

A splash of colour with Crocuses...

... and Winter Pansies.

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