Thursday, 23 February 2012

General Writing Update


I haven't added any more to my "What I'm Writing" page, simply because I am more or less at the same stage as when you read last.

  • I've sent in my poem for the local competition, the closing date is the 29th of this month. I have received my confirmation of receipt, so it's just a waiting game now.I only entered initially to practise a writing style.. but to win would be fantastic as the prize includes vouchers for a course. If I win it would mean I could put it towards a writing course.

  • I have had a rejection letter this week but I have sent out three more submission letters... (I get knocked down, I get up again...) I'm getting much better at handling the rejection slips. It doesn't seem to get me quite so disheartened as it did before. I'm enjoying where I am at the moment and I am learning to have more faith/confidence in my work so I just dust myself off and keep going...

  • I have had an twinkling of an idea for a fantasy, I think it would be geared towards teens... I'm making up plans and idea maps to see where this idea will go...

  • One of my favourite blogs at the moment is Layers Of Thought . I love the reviews and I also manages to win one of their giveaways. If you are book mad, check out the link.One of the other useful sites I have come across is "Write It Sideways". It's packed with useful articles and tips for aspiring authors.

Read, Write, Blog!


  1. Congratulations for what you have achieved so far. :)
    Here's wishing you the best of luck for whatever happens next!

    New to your blog,
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  2. Hello!
    Thanks for swinging by! I only started blogging in December so this blog is still a work in progress I'm afraid... I still can't seem to get the layout right... Anyhoo, I've had a look at your blog and I had to follow. Thanks for the link.
    Happy Bloggin!