Saturday, 4 February 2012

Writing Is Like Sitting On Eggs

At last. I have finished my attempt at a poem for a local competition. The theme was to write a poem, no more than 250 words, about the things that I like about the area.
Like an egg?
The closing date is the end of the month. I'm pleased to have got the poem done now; it means it has a chance to erm, incubate as I like to think of it.

If there is one piece of advice I would pass on to other writers; is a piece of advice I keep stumbling on by other writers blogs, and from a published author himself, would be: "Write it, then sit on it".

When I first decided that I would take a stab at writing to be published, I was so excited and motivated by my dream, that when I completed an idea for a children's picture book, I went ahead and sent it to to publishers and agents. I convinced myself that my work was at the very best it could be and that the publishers would be impressed.

The bubble soon burst.

Months passed and still no takers.
I continued to write and my original manuscript was left.

I was sorting through my files on the computer and came across the manuscript. I read it.

And groaned inwardly, wishing I could take it all back. The truth was that the manuscript was a hideous idea. Well... not hideous exactly, it just did not work. I couldn't believe that I had actually thought that this manuscript would have got the attention of publishers. No way. I wouldn't have published it myself.
I learnt a hard lesson.
Write it. Sit on it. Look at it again. Rewrite. Repeat the process.

Writng is like sitting on eggs. An idea needs an incubation period to fully develop. Wait until the idea has fully "hatched" and you know for sure what you are sending to agents and publishers.

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