Sunday, 27 May 2012

5 Questions I Seem To Keep Asking As A Parent...

I have been a mummy for nearly two and half years now; (Wow! For real?!) and it has probably been the most fulfilling thing that I have done with my life to date. As a parent I continually ask questions. A lot of questions! But there are some that I seem to ask more regularly than others. I have picked my top five...

  1. Where did the time go?! We ask this one on a regular basis. Whether it's a general comment about the day, or be it a comment about how fast our boys are growing up. I don't think we were quite prepared for the effect raising children would have on time itself. It now seems to go at warp speed and there is never enough of it!
  2. How can someone so small... this question has a variety of endings such as: be so loud? (I'm sure my son's scream can be heard in the next street) get so mucky? (Have you ever noticed that even if you were to put your child in a sealed vault, dirt can still locate your child within a matter of seconds?) Fill their nappy like that?! (Cor blimey! Change times are epic! Pass me the peg...)
  3. What on earth is that?! I am of course, talking about children's T.V. Some of the stuff is crazy but my children seem to love it. I'm talking about things like Waybuloo, and Cloud Babies... I kid you not!
  4. How did he find that? My son is an expert at finding things he shouldn't...
  5. WHAT DID WE DO?! This is what we ask ourselves when our son is running rings around us, having one of his wild temper tantrums, pulled all the loo roll off of the roll, tipped all his food/drink onto his high chair tray, etc... *sigh*
Of course the last one is all ion good fun. It's more like:

Wow, look what we did...

What questions do you find yourself asking on a regular basis? (You don't have to answer this as a parent; for example, a question I ask myself frequently is: Why is there always a massive queue when I am a hurry?!)

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. When I look at my son and daughter now I ask, "Who are these people and what have they done to my little girl and boy." LOL!

    1. Haha! I wonder what they would say to this?! (Cheers dad?!)
      Thanks for stopping by Jimmie!

  2. Not to sound corny or anything, but I honestly find myself asking, on a regular basis, how did i get so lucky? Granted my little man is only 4 1/2 months old, I am still so infatuated with him and just cannot get enough :)