Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Books Through The Post

Well I never...
I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago saying how I managed to win myself a copy Of Redhed by Ian Cook. Well, I've finally managed to make my way down the TBR asap pile, to starting it! And then, to my utter amazement, two more books popped through the letter box! 

I am soooooo excited... Like a little kid at Christmas! Hehehe! What can be better than a good book? Answer? Three free ones through the post - Hooray!

Fantastic Freebies

1) Currently reading: REDHEADS by Ian Cook

2) Revenant Rising (Book 1: Second Chances) by M. M. Mayle

3) Ship of Haunts: The Other Titanic Story by Ellie Stevenson

Keep your peepers peeled for the upcoming reviews!


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