Wednesday, 22 August 2012

My Kindle - My New Obsession!

Oh. my. goodness.

luuuuuuuurve my Kindle!

Regular readers would know that I have been um-ing and ah-ing over the idea of e-readers for some time. When they first came out; I openly admit that I was totally against getting one (note I said against getting one, not against the idea... well; not entirely against it anyway!)

I thought that these e-readers was a misson just to make everything "techno" and I couldn't understand why someone would want to trade in a beautiful book for an e-reader. 

But for my birthday, I was given one and now I can't get enopugh! I like the following about the Kindle Touch:

  • It's a whole library in one space
  • It's easy to use; even for people nervous of new technology
  • Automatically saves your page
  • On-board dictionary (no more: I'll find out what that means later!)
  • Books are a little cheaper (In most cases, not all)
  • Downloading is instint
  • No-one can tell what you are reading (No, I'm not reading 50 Shades; not my "thing")

I  have found that since getting it; I have become obsessed with searching for free books. You have to be careful though, as some are dire!

If anyone out there can give me a few pointers on where to look for free books; it would be very much appreciated (Or anyone who can recommend a good, free Amazon title?! ;-) )

The first two books I bought on Kindle was "Masquerade" by Cambria Hebert (A fantastic read may I add - review to follow) and The Jelly Bean Crisis (which I am currently reading now).

This doesn't mean that I have given up on paperbacks. Oh no. I am currently reading the final instalment of The Hunger Games; Mocking Jay. (And I have lots more on the TBR list!)

I think that for my favourite authors, I will still require the printed edition! There is still nothing like snuggling down with a good book!


I just like Jelly Beans...


  1. I have a Kindle, too. I love it, but alas, I still prefer holding a book in my hand. AAH! The feel and smell of paper (unless, of course, the library patron before me was a smoker!!) but I think if I lived somewhere I didn't have library access, I would really use my Kindle more.
    Yes, beware of free books. They are sometimes a bit shady. I receive e mail from Amazon about their freebees every week. Some I have enlisted, most not.
    I only live 3 city blocks from our town library, and the librarians are very helpful and hold workshops on e readers. If you haven't checked with your local, you might. The lending library for e readers is growing daily.
    Have fun!

    1. Thanks Jimmie - I don't think the Kindle will ever replace my love books. I totally inderstand where you are coming from about the feel and smell of the paper, something very comforting about it!

      And thank you for the tip, I never thought about using the library in regards to e readers; something I shall be looking into though!

      Cheers for stopping by!

  2. Congratulations! I don't have the room for many more books so one positive thing is that the kindle is a great space-saver :)

    1. My books shelves are ker-rammed! Not even a slither of a space!So that is were the Kindle is very useful... Sneaking more books into the house! Ha! ;0)