Saturday, 18 August 2012

Holidays and Milestones


It has been a busy week. Last weekend we packed up our troubles and went for a break by the seaside... 30 minutes down the road! It's a perk of living in Somerset.

It was a very welcome break, plus it was my *cough* 28th (How did I get here? I was 23 the last time I looked right?!) birthday.

I can't believe how the time has gone. It was wonderful to listen to OJ singing "Happy birthday to mum-mum" and watching him eat  birthday cake. (The first thing he asked me on waking on the day was if he could have some of my cake - the kid learns fast; Birthdays=Cake... That's my boy!)
(Check out my cute butterfly candles!)

I can't express the emotion I felt listening to him sing in his grown up yet still baby voice... Perhaps I am forever doomed to get emotional at the drop of a hat. I was a sensitive soul before I got pregnant, but now it's just got 10 times worse... (Pass the girl a hanky!)

It doesn't feel that long a go that we were setting him down for the first time in the living room. He was fast asleep in his car seat. Me and hubby looked at each other and said nothing; yet a look said a thousand words. Terrifying... Yet amazing!

OJ was as good as gold, both lads were. Even when it came to night time which left me gobsmacked. Both boys have issues with going to sleep at night. They slept better in the caravan then they ever have at home. Night times are a long game in our house. We don't really know what sleep is over here.... Maybe it was the sea air?!

So we had a fab time; steam train rides, ice cream, swimming, walks on the beach, fish and chips and other various adventures for 3 glorious nights.

Then it was back to reality...

*Crash Landing*
OJ has now added "train-driver" to his many when-I-grow-up occupations...


I planned that when we returned we would start OJ potty training... And it is currently in full swing. He is doing great... Any other parents going through the same? Here are my top tips:

1) Only start toilet training when you feel your child is ready - I felt some pressure from others to start OJ earlier because people kept telling me he could cope as "he is so bright" but OJ showed no interest and I also had a tiny baby to look after. There was no point.
2) Choose a time and stick to it - stopping and starting just confuses the issue and children need time to practise.
3) Praise, praise, praise and... Bribe! - Okay, so bribe isn't a term I would use, but some form of reward can be helpful motivation/reinforcement. OJ has a sticker to put on a homemade wall chart every time he uses the potty successfully.
4) Be prepared for accidents - Don't expect things to go smoothly, even if appears your kiddie has grasped it; there will be times when that potty will be just out of reach or there is something for more interesting going on...
Any more hints and tips for this crazy time would be appreciated. ;0)

OJ's train wall trainer!

It's been an incredible week for both boys; whilst OJ is potty training and getting his "big bed",  little Z is crawling around like Speedy Gonzales, clapping his hands and waving bye-bye...

I'm just totally blown away.

I love being a mummy!

What is your little one up to that has surprised you this week, or do you have a favourite milestone memory that still makes you smile? (And if you say "moving out" then shame on you! Heehee!)

Happy weekend peeps!


Oh we do like to be beside the seaside - tra-la-la-laaaa!

Who says romance is dead?!


  1. Happy Birthday!

    When my kids were younger and I felt so tired and like I didn't have time for anything, my mom would always tell me, "Aris, don't wish these days way because before you know it they will be gone." That is so true. Time will fly so sit back and enjoy.

    I too am totally sensitive…my kids laugh because a commercial can bring tears to my eyes (how sad it that!) LOL

    1. Thank you Aris!

      And I'm so glad it's not just me... tear jerking ads get me too!

      Very much agree with your mum; the days just go so fast. I was told this all the way through my pregnancy but I don't think I really grasped this until my first actually arrived. The first year moves in a blur; it feels that the first year is gone before I have chance to draw a breath and I am back at work...
      I have so many beautiful, cherished memeories and I am looking forward to collecting more. :0)

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