Monday, 16 January 2012

Putting it in Perspective

I expect that many writers feel like this at points...
I've been approaching publishers and agents for a couple of years. Unsuccessfully. When you receive the hundredth "no thank you," it’s incredibly disappointing. Your confidence and determination to succeed gets a little dented. There is also the added frustration that you never find out why your work was rejected. For me personally, this feels rather difficult. I feel like I would benefit from these constructive criticisms.
Something else that is even more frustrating is when you receive no answer at all...
I sent out through email and letter; many submissions to agents and publishers before Christmas. I think I had one email in return that politely declined my work.
It's left me feeling a little sorry for myself. And questioning myself. Am I good enough? Should I carry on with what at the moment seems a pointless dream etc?
As I was sending these thoughts out, I happened upon a blog by an agent. Just stumbled upon it by chance. This was her opening line to the post that I read "Got into work and there were 80 submissions in my inbox...”
It was like someone gave me a slap and put me back on track. It put it all into perspective. 80 submissions?! It shows what we are up against as writers. Imagine being the person trying to select the best out of such a volume of submissions?! And no wonder there is no time to reply or give any constructive feedback...
Maybe sometimes it’s more about the journey?!
I just wonder how other writers cope with keeping themselves positive.
What are your hints and tips for a fellow writer? Please do share your coping tactics. Have you got a saying or quote that keeps you going? Or a writing ritual that keeps you on track?

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