Saturday, 7 January 2012


Anybody know the magpie superstition? One for sorrow, two for joy etc? Well check out my "Blog It" page to see what happened to me today! Share your weird and wonderful superstitions here too!


  1. I'm not at all superstitious except when it comes to writing. If I start a story or book with a certain pad of paper, notebook or pen I have to keep going with the same method. Hence sometimes I'm writing on a laptop, sometimes by hand. And if someone takes my special pen - they're the one with bad luck! But as for your scratchcard experiences, perhaps the message is that you get what you give? Spread the love, man!

  2. I have to write on paper first. It never flows well when I'm sat at the computer!

    Thanks for taking the time to swing by. This blog has a long way to go but sometimes it's more about the journey.

    P.S. Your page has been of great help, especially when I was searching for publishers!