Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Cake Pictures

Following on from my last post; I thought I would share the pictures of the cakes that stole so much of my sleep time... Maybe they will be of some inspiration for someone else's cake. In my head they looked great... but I was a little disappointed with the actual result..

What I learnt:

(And things that drove me crazy)

I'm glad no-one was around at some points of my cake making marathon. (The language... *blush*)

  • cake sticking to pan so having to make it again
  • a bad egg,(note to self; break eggs into separate container in the future...)
  •  running out of eggs
  • running/smudging food colouring,
  • spilling silver ball decorations all over the kitchen counter takes a while to clear up... they travel far! 
  • icing a cake is more frustrating/difficult than first anticipated etc...
  • I don't like icing cakes
  • Applying food colouring directly to royal icing doesn't really work; although it gave a great watery effect for pond (Note to self; find better alternative)
  • cake ribbon is fantastic at hiding icing boo-boos
  • I need to work on my patience
(I also learnt that as long as it tastes good, what does it really matter?! Ha.)

 The tasty, end result!
Any comments or Q's welcome...

2 Ducks - 22!

The wizard/dragon "plaque" is actually a belt buckle keep-sake.
I ordered a wizard cake topper on-line, and it never arrived...

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