Wednesday, 25 April 2012

There's A Chicken Plotting In My Fridge... (and other random musings)

She's up to something...
Okay... let me explain *deep breath*...

I know that some people will question my sense of humour, but it set me off giggling today. (When you are on your own with two small children all day it does strange things... )

I opened my fridge and there was a left-over-from-Easter chocolate chicken in cardboard nest... It has a ridiculous smirk on it's face and that just set me off. For the want of entertainment, my brain set off on a tangent about the chicken in the fridge. Biding it's time and plotting it's dastardly deeds to take over the world... ahem.

On to the next link (there is one... honest)

Thinking about chocolate (see what I did there?) I believe have over indulged of late, coupled with having my second child, I'm feeling rather round. *sigh*.

Action has to be taken.

The last couple of days I have unrolled my exercise mat (brushed off a few cobwebs) and stuck on my Davina workout DVD... Of course I was left feeling invigorated, energised and renewed... try freakin' EXHAUSTED and ACHING instead!

I was really proud of myself though... I still had the energy to reach for that victory Mars bar.

What? I can start again tomorrow...


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