Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I Wish I Was An Illustrator ...

I face this frustration a lot as an aspiring picture book author. I get so many funny, vivid pictures in my mind when I am writing my picture books but I've only got words to express them. When I am approaching agents and publishers, I never feel that I convey my full vision for a project across in that all important, dont-blow-it now, covering letter... (maybe I just need some pointers for writing better covering letters?!)

One of my on-going projects is a series of stories based around a bumbling wizard and his pet mouse.

I am weighing up sharing one of his stories on this blog (I am a little nervous about it...) but for now:

This is Wizard Whizzbee and his assistant Alonzo:

Well... not really. The Wizard Whizzbee in my head is quite different. But it's not bad for an attempt at using the computer to create a picture.


  1. I think Wizzard Whizzbee looks cool! I think that if you really want us to know what he looks like in your mind then you should draw him on paper and then scan it into the computer! I would love to see a Wizzard Whizzbee story posted on here! :D

    1. Hello Kayleighbub!

      Thanks for stopping by Read, Write, Blog... I would love to draw the Wizard Whizzbee that I can see when I write about him. I believe that children would really like him. He's kind of bumbly and fun, he doesn't always get things right but does his best which conveys a very positive message to his young audience. It's just that I'm not an artist... I've attempted drawing him before. It didn't go well. I really struggle with drawing people... but keep your peepers peeled for a Wizard Whizzbee story coming soon!