Saturday, 21 April 2012

Grumpy Bad-Day(?) Guy

I guess he was just having a bad day!
Today, I was in the queue in my local Sainsbury's and there was a dithery gentleman in front. Oh. My. Goodness. It just went on and on and on. Carefully putting his tubs of olives into individual bags, coupons, cards etc.  But, you wait it out with a little patience don't you?

Well not the chap behind me. Oh no. He was huffing and muttering under his breath... ("Move it along would you?!"... the rudeness!)

I managed to get a look at him. He was tall, lanky, shaggy haired and he had the biggest, bushiest eyebrows over the coldest, meanest eyes that I've ever seen....

To start with I felt nervous and uncomfortable. All this was going on whilst the store was testing out their fire systems and my little boy was getting fidgety about it... (Never a dull moment on my shopping expeditions let me tell you!) But soon I had to concentrate on stifling a giggle; I honestly thought I was gonna go! As I kept staring at the geezer, he suddenly reminded me of a Quentin Blake cartoon...

As a kid, (and probably still to this day) Roald Dahl was one of my favourite authors; and Quentin Blake's illustrations are the prefect compliment to his stories.
What I love about Blake's sketches, are that they make me laugh and that you can recognise one of his illustrations instintly.
Did you have a favourite Roald Dahl story? Mine is a toss-up between  "Fantastic Mr Fox" and "The B.F.G".

I'm no artist myself; but  I had to share my impression of the Grumpy Bad-Day Guy...


My childhood favourites!

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