Sunday, 15 April 2012

Catching Up... Balancing Act...

To be honest, I feel like a naughty teenager trying to sneak back into the house after missing the curfew by hours... I haven't come to blog in a while and the days have turned into weeks pretty quickly. I'm just sat here wondering what has been keeping me away from the keys...

Two weekends on the trot, I've been up until the small hours making birthday cakes. Last week it was my sisters 22nd (she wanted two ducks on her cake as in Bingo... two ducks:22!) and this weekend was my brothers 21st... (I did a wizard theme for his!)

The last two weeks have been a bit of a nightmare. My two year old has a real bad case of the terrible two's the moment. He can't help it bless him, it's the struggle between dependence and independence and the fact the world is sooooooooooo unfair to him. I mean, why can't he go in the garden to play when it's actually time for bed? And why do they put so many lovely things in the shops that he just can't have?! I had to carry him out of a shop screaming one day... that hit pretty high on the embarrassment meter let me tell you!

The car didn't pass it's MOT, the insurance was due, the washing machine broke down and even though we have cover, it's been two weeks and still an engineer hasn't materialised... the baby hasn't been settled at night so there has been no solid time to sit and write.

On a more positive note, I have finally selected an idea for a themed writing competition; and it's been sent off... It popped out from nowhere and within the first few lines the idea snowballed. I feel that this is an idea I would like to see through to the end... We shall see!

I'm finding that getting life balanced between what must be done and what I would like to do seems to be getting more and more difficult... and somewhere in between everything I need to sleep! I sometimes wish that I could organise my time better...

If anyone has some tips for balancing family/work life please do share them with me!

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