Monday, 24 September 2012

Beating the Sunday Night Blues

Oh yes, I have them bad. The Sunday night blues. Probably worse than I have had them before. (I feel like the maiden tied to the stake as a sacrifice to the Kraken... Oooh, dramaaaaa!)

A whole years has passed so tomorrow I go back to work. I am so, so nervous. I can't believe the time has gone so quickly. I feel awful that I am leaving my children to return to work. It doesn't seem fair somehow. However, I am blessed to have a wonderful mum-in-law who can't wait for me to go to work so she can spend some time with the bambinos! I know they are in safe hands which is comforting at least.

Funny Weekend Ecard: The best cure for the Sunday night blues is a Dirty Martini. Luckily I've had five so I don't even know what day it is anymore.

I know lots of people suffer from Sunday night blues; the weekend slipping away and the return to the Monday grindstone as it were, can leave one feeling a little flat.

So; here's what I did today that helped to cheer me up - maybe you could add some more in the comments box -lets banish the blues!

1) Hugs! - Never underestimate the power of a hug. It can really help. My boys gave me lots today.... I wonder if it's because on some level they can tell mummy isn't so happy today?! Grab your nearest and dearest and hug it out!

2) Retail therapy - it doesn't have to be much, something small to cheer you up. Today I bought myself a bag of jelly beans and played "Guess the flavour". It's a tasty game, you really oughta try it...


3) Starbucks - I  cant help it, love it! I still have to have decaf as I am still nursing; but it's still just as delicious!
A cupful of bokeh.

4) Read a book - Seriously! It's great escapism. you can slip into a completely different life and time and have an adventure!

Pile of Books by J_Alves - A high stack of books, drawn in Inkscape.
5) Get Active - Technically, Sunday is the fay of rest, but a little bit of motivation can help boost the happy levels. It can be anything, running, walking, cycling, dancing around like a loon to your favourite tunes even; just get on it! Today I went for a jog. Though it was hard to get going, but by the end, I was feeling much better.; even more so when I discovered I had beaten my personal best!

bike by Machovka -

6) Be prepared - It sounds obvious but getting everything sorted and prepared for Monday will help you feel more relaxed and you will enjoy your weekend a lot more. Thinking about Monday is the last thing you want to do, but leaving it to the last minute is a stress you can do without.

list / liste by lmproulx - A lineart of a list
7) Have things to look forward to - Having things to look forward to gives you something to aim for. It maybe something special for Monday night tea, or maybe meeting up with a fried for example. Just give yourself something nice that you can look forward to getting to by the end of the day.

calendar by CoD_fsfe - Calendar/todo/deadline icon Originally developed for

What do you do on a Sunday to beat those blues?

Wish me luck for tomorrow - Have a great week everyone!



  1. I just wanted to check in and see how your week went. I'm sending you a big ((hug))!

    1. I just found your message Aris; and it made my day! ;0) Details of my week to follow... Really apprecaite you checkin' in - I'm totally sending you a hug back! ((hug))!