Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Mumma On the Run!


Woman running by laobc - A silhouette of a woman running.
After my last post of woe, I thought I would blog about a much more positive aspect of my life right now, and that is my attempt to get some form of fitness into our lives and be a better example to our children.

I looked at my Mumma on the Run page, knowing full well that I hadn't updated it in awhile, but it was still surprising how long it has been. My last entry is July, but hand on heart, I have been keeping up with my running and have managed to go a couple of times each week.

Keeping it moving

I started out on about two minutes, by the end of those two, teeny-weeny minutes, it felt like my lungs were on fire!(Embarrassing much?) But now I am up to twelve, solid minutes and it feels great... Nah, maybe not "great"...
I feel ridiculous running round the neighbourhood, (I'm paranoid that people are pointing and laughing..) I swear I jiggle where I shouldn't jiggle and, by the time I get back to the house I'm a sweaty, exhausted mess. But I feel proud of myself! I've also lost around 5lb (Oh yeah - fist pump!)

 Which isn't as much as I would like but slow and steady means I'm more likely to keep it off.

Change the attitude...

Little Life Changes

It's no all about exercise of the body, it's also about the mind and how I feel about food in general. I've never been 'big' but this is probably the biggest I have been. And quite frankly? It sucks.
When I was pregnant with my second, I hold my hands up, I don't think it was all baby weight if you catch my drift. It was more about comfort eating.

So I've been taking steps:
  1. Cut the snacking. Especially at night time Sounds obvious, but it was hard to do... Tuck the kids up an denjoy the peace witht a cuppa and a snack right?!
  2. Not buying the snacks in the first place - sticking to shopping list... Mostly... Oooh, chocolate buttons are on offer...
  3. Reducing portion sizes... Step away from the left over pasta...
  4. Having breakfast - helps to kick start metabolism
  5. Running a couple of times is pointless if the rest of the time I'm sitting on my a$$... So have increased daily activities - including more walking. If I can make it without the car I do, I park further away from destinations where possible/sensible with two kiddies in tow etc
  6. Keeping hydrated with water... I'm so rubbish at this one...

Goals and Rewards

Goal setting also helps to keep me motivated. I weigh myself each month, this way I can set weight targets without being obsessed by the scales.
And now I have conquered twelve minutes, the next step is to extend my circuit a tiny bit more. It's about realistic goals. If something doesn't work then I just scale it back and try again.

And rewards? Well, I have to decide that of I can reach a certain weight by the end of this month, then I will treat myself to a new pair of running trainers.

What makes me smile, is that my healthier life-style is already having a positive effect on my family. My husband and I are more conscience about what we eat, (whilst being realistic) and our 2.5 year old told us that he wanted to wear his "exercise trousers" (his jogging bottoms) so he could run like mummy... he then ran around the living room....


Anyone else doing the running thing?! Would love to hear any tips on keeping fit; or easy recipe links for meal ideas!

Keep happy peeps, thanks for readin'!



  1. Hi Schez! Good luck with your new fitness regime. Just started mine, persevered today, despite having a little cold. :-( Goal setting is a great thing to do, def gets you motivated! Keep in touch. Love, light & sparkles. xxx

  2. I hope the cold passes; it can make you feel quite blah! Thank you for the good luck wishes -the same back to you. I think as long as we make little efforts here and there, we will definitely see the benefits... eventually.... ;0)
    Thanks for stopping to comment!