Wednesday, 5 September 2012


By Ian Cook

~ Mythology, Horror, Occult, Adventure, Supernatural, Thriller ~

Paperback, 360 pages
Published February 1st 2012 by Matador

* * * * * out of five stars

The Blurb: (via Goodreads)

Redheads have always attracted attention: desired, envied, pitied, ridiculed, even persecuted. Now the sacrifices begin…

In 1921, in the ruined city of Carthage near Tunis, a red-haired French archaeologist hears the cries of long-dead children as he stumbles upon a legendary sacrificial site. Shortly afterwards, he is viciously attacked by a hawk.

Back in present-day London, flame-haired journalist Rebecca Burns investigates strange and macabre events which seem to be directed against redheads worldwide. Together with young astrophysicist Dr Jim Cavendish and Professor Larry Burton, an authority on ancient civilisations, she is drawn into an age-old feud…a feud that threatens the very existence of redheads everywhere.

My Review:

I was very lucky to receive this signed copy from the author on "First Reads"...

This book was awesome! I don't think I have come across this kind of plot line. Mr Cook has woven a completely unique/original tale in Redhead.

It gives extraordinary detail about the myths across the globe surrounding redheads; with a wonderful slice of horror and adventure on the side. The mythological characters are brought to life within the pages.

The story is fast paced with short chapters that really work and keep it moving. The style is descriptive but not overly, so you don't feel that your wading through miles of description, yet the author still  manages to place you in the scene and moment. This works very well with some of the chilling scenes/action.

The characters are well developed; including the sly Dr Neferatu who you distrust in a matter of seconds of him appearing (rightfully so - he's evil...)
Rebecca is fiery, determined and brave. I really liked her. Jim's character worked as the blossoming romance and the sceptical scientist but, my favourite character had to be Jim's friend Prof. Larry Burton. He was written as a warm, clever and open minded character.

There are so many wonderful elements to the book; I would say there was some predictability within the story, but this is handled very well by the author and conclusions were satisfying.

I am so glad to have won this copy, as I don't know if I would have come across it otherwise. The whole package was a great read; very interesting and a unique plot.

Would recommend to fans of mythology and adventure.