Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Long Awaited...

By James Herbert



O.K. guys, first let me apologise in advance if the horror genre is not your thing, it's just I am sooooooo excited about this book finally making it out into the world.

James Herbert is one of Britain's most successful horror writers, a true master of the genre and I absolutely love his spine-chilling work.

Not only has James Herbert received an OBE (Order of the British Empire) in 2010 for Services to Literature, at Buckingham Palace (I wonder if Her Majesty enjoys his work?!) he was also awarded: The World Horror Convention Grand Master Award

~James Herbert has been awarded The World Horror Convention Grand Master Award. A yearly distinction given to an author who has contributed greatly to the field of horror literature. James was presented with the award in March at the 2010 Convention in Brighton, and joins the illustrious company of previous winners who have included Stephen King, Dean R. Koontz, Anne Rice, Ray Bradbury, Clive Barker, Peter Straub, Brian Lumley, Ramsey Campbell and Tanith Lee... ~

After reading "The Secret of Crickley Hall" (2006)  I couldn't wait for his next work... The work was due for publication in October 2010...

And waiting....

And so, as the publication date drew ever closer; I was getting more and more excited. Only when I checked back, I saw that the release date had been pushed back even further to August 2012. I was just a little more than disappointed and the waiting continued.


Finally, August 30th came around and I now have the copy here with me now (strokes the cover)! Haha! ...

The only problem is, that now I am worried. What if the wait and excitement (not to mention the almost hyperventilation when getting my hands on a copy) just wasn't worth it? What if I just can't get into the story? The characters? The flow? It's a nerve wracking times peeps.

I am still feverishly finishing two other books so I can start it... (Redhead by Ian Cook and The Jelly Bean Crisis by Jolene Stockman ~ awesome books with reviews soon to follow here on Read, Write, Blog ;0) )

BBC turns Crickley Hall into a three-part drama

I also found this little bit of exciting news for other J.H fans. His fantastic haunted-house novel; The Secret Of Crickley Hall is due to be aired by the BBC in time for Halloween. Below is the Youtube trailer.

Has there been a particular book you have been excited about this year or is there one you are salivating at the thought of?

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